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LFB Student Member sought

LFB VOTED at its AGM in January to start a new Committee post, that of Student Member. Thanks to our team organising LFB events at journalism schools, we have seen a recent surge in student members joining LFB.

The NUJ Rule Book does not allow student members to become full members, which means they can't vote on motions and Branch meetings, so the Student Member will be an observer, ensuring that student members' views are represented at Committee meetings. They could, for example, have a role in planning future LFB recruitment events at journalism schools, such as the one planned for 26 February at the University of Winchester. (Details to follow.) The Branch pays travel expenses for Committee members attending Committee meetings.

Elections for the Student Member will be held in the Branch meeting on Monday 9 March. If you are a student member of LFB and are interested in standing, contact a member of the Committee or come to the meeting in person.