19 March 2020

Ooops! The deadline for claiming from ALCS was 5 March. Claims made after then will be processed for the next distribution.

Sign up for several sources of ‘free money’

THE 2019 statements for Public Lending Right (PLR), micropayments to authors every time their book is borrowed from a public library, are now viewable online here but only if they've signed up to the scheme.

It pays 8.52 pence for each library loan. If you're a published author and you've not signed up to PLR, do so now via www.bl.uk/plr.

There's another scheme that can be a source of income to authors for their books and their articles in "journals", including most magazines. ALCS - the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society - collects fees for licences for secondary uses of your published written work, such as photocopying in university libraries and storage on academic and corporate and PR databases.

Yes, that's right, if you sign up to ALCS you get "free" money based on the articles you've had published in magazines and journals, as well as books. (Not newspapers, regrettably.) There are also payouts for your own photos or illustrations that appear in your articles or books.

Those of you who are already members of ALCS are reminded that the deadline for registering details of your published articles and books is 25 March. Details of contributions submitted by then will result in you receiving cash in the next "distribution". If you've not joined ALCS, www.alcs.co.uk is where to go.

Journalists who create images are advised to join the equivalent collecting society that covers photography and visual arts, www.dacs.org.uk - the Design and Artists Copyright Society.