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Hands off our BBC!

THE Government has launched a consultation on decriminalisation of the BBC licence fee.

Nameplate on BBC's broadcasting house; Photo: Matt Salusbury

The nameplate on the facade of the BBC studio complex at Broadcasting House, London N1 – built from Jurassic Portland limestone with fossil oyster shell fragments in it.

The NUJ's views on this consultation - it describes the exercise as an "ideologically-motivated attack by the Government" on the public broadcaster - are well worth a read (here).

The NUJ briefing also includes some constructive suggestions to keep the BBC fully funded, which you may like to consider if you are thinking of replying to the consultation with a submission of your own. These include the Government making up any shortfall to the BBC's income as a result of decriminalisation, as part of the NUJ's ongoing campaign to keep the BBC "fully funded."

The closing date for such submissions is 1 April. While the guide to the consultation says alternative models of funding will not be considered, the Freelance is confident that its readers are skilled enough journalists that they can find a form of words that stays within the remit of the exercise but nonetheless proposes something better. You can submit to the consultation here.