How some freelances are handling isolation

HOW ARE freelances coping with self-isolation? For photographers it means no work. For some of us, it's much like our usual work challenge...

Rendering of a coronavirus

A coronavirus

One writes: "I downloaded Zoom for free just yesterday (they'll be having a Zoom boom just now). This means I am able to continue holding a mentoring session for young arts critics this afternoon online instead of in person, and am reviewing a concert by livestream tonight - so it's very reassuring to see that some income streams can adapt and survive just now!

"I have also been using the hashtag #supportfreelancers to support a lot of freelance musicians I work with, who are in the same boat as freelance journalists."

Another writes: "I have just 'lost' a trip to Reykjavik to report on a two-day meeting of the European Federation of Allergy & Airways Diseases Patients Association as its been cancelled. However, they're going to hold an online meeting - which I can attend from my desk at home (or the dining room table). This will involve representatives from 27 countries, and about 40 organisations. Nightmare!"

Yet another member thinks themself lucky that though they've lost the next three months of booked work reporting on trade exhibitions in their sphere because these were cancelled, they could replace much of the income with work from home because so much was happening anyway - some of it Corona-generated of course.

And of course some freelances have valuable experience to offer clients. One writes: "I decided to work from home - for a client whose office I've been going in to regularly - a week ago. The client decided on Friday that everyone was working from home from Monday.

"I now realise," they went on, "how useful it has been to have been working remotely by bending the rules for years - to do my editing shifts from wherever I've found myself - from Geneva and, on one memorable occasion, from Kiev on the day the protests started in Maidan Square. (At the time the toast to 'the accession of Macedonia to the Soviet Union!' at the dinner after the trade union event there seemed like the highlight... talk about missing the story...)"

28 May 2020

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