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Global Platform for Quality Journalism launched by IFJ

THE INTERNATIONAL Federation of Journalists (IFJ) has launched a Global Platform for Quality Journalism. It notes that "From the onset of the pandemic, journalists have amply proved the essential role they play educating their citizens, contextualising the unending number crunching, explaining the science and, most importantly, unravelling the narrative played by politicians, asking the tough questions and exposing institutional failures. Thanks to their engagement, journalism as a public good, kept on thriving as the backbone of our democracies."

Global Platform for Quality Journalism

"Unfortunately," the document continues, "at the same time too many states are taking advantage of this crisis to increase their authoritarian power, strengthen their systems of surveillance of the population or to jail journalists - while some media companies reduce salaries without negotiation, cut benefits or lay off staff."

Among the remedies it proposes is for "all governments to immediately open negotiations with the GAFAM - Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft - to collect a tax on revenues generated within their national territory... to support as a matter of priority public service media, private, independent media and national and local media not owned by multinationals."

The Platform is supported by nine other global federations of trades unions.