Journalists are key workers, say cops

Journalists reporting on coronavirus-related developments are "key workers".

The National Police Chiefs Council Communications Advisory Group has circulated guidelines to police forces in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. These state plainly that: "Journalists are covered as key workers. There is a public interest in keeping the population informed of the developing crisis and subsequent recovery / return to normality. Responsible journalism promotes good community relations and assists the emergency services, which is essential in the current health emergency. Journalists will be expected to carry a UK Press Card or other official record" of their status.

The NPCC letter is avaailable at the link below. It may help to show it to officers or even security guards.

Fiona Hyslop MSP is sending similar guidance to Police Scotland.

Also, "journalists and broadcasters providing public service broadcasting" are defined by the Department for Education (for England) as "key workers" whose children are allowed to continue to attend school.