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A recovery plan for the news industry

AT A very manageable eight pages of quite big type, the NUJ's bold News Recovery Plan insists that "this is not and cannot be about the preservation of the status quo. The emergency intervention needed now can only be the first steps towards a news reimagined."

Front cover of NUJ News Recovery Plan, showing a wrecking ball made from a coronavirus; Illustration: Matt Kenyon, NUJ

The front cover of the report

In the Plan, whose full title is From Health Crisis to Good News - a recovery plan for the news industry by the NUJ, our General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet proposes a post-covid-19-crisis stimulus package for the UK media, which cannot be a return to the bad old days of business as usual.

Proposed measures go beyond an economic stimulus package and include embedding media literacy into the National Curriculum. The plan also includes a section on "The crisis in Ireland" by NUJ Assistant General Secretary Seamus Dooley.

The Recovery Plan is essential reading for all media workers: please take the not very great amount of time required to read it in full. It's here.

30 May 2020

The NUJ has launched a petition through which you can pledge your support today for the NUJ's News Recovery Plan to "create a news industry reimagined". Please sign it here.