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Why Wikipedia isn't a source - part 97

CONVERSATION turned, as it does, to the question of how many protesters - almost entirely of Algerian origin - were killed by French police in the massacre of 17 October 1961.

Paris massacre of 1961

... in 1998 the French government finally acknowledged 40 deaths, although there are estimates of 100 to 300 victims.


OK... wonder what it says in French?

Massacre du 17 octobre 1961

...un nombre de morts qui reste discuté, de plusieurs dizaines selon les estimations les moins élevées.


"...a number of deaths which remains disputed, several dozen according to the lowest estimates."

Massaker von Paris

... mindestens 200 Menschen getötet wurden.


" least 200 people were killed."

Usually, we advise people to look at the editing history of a Wikipedia page before going on. This is an interesting alternative approach, depending on what set of languages you read. For some such contentious topics it could show up partisan editing rather quicker than the labour-intensive process of checking who changed what when.

By all means use Wikipedia to look up actual source documents. Even then, be aware that there will be selection bias.