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Please tell us how hard it is to claim cash

WHEN YOU find your words or pictures used without your permission, quite how hard is it to claim the fee you should have had? In particular, how hard is it if your work has been - in the dreadful euphemisn - "shared" on social media or, indeed, antisocial media?

We'd like you to tell us, please. We are being consulted by the UK government and the EU Commission on aspects of the regulation of online services - and "eyewitness reports" would help a lot.

We are particularly interested to hear:

  • What work was used without permission, and where?
  • How hard was it to find out where you should send a complaint or an invoice?
  • In particular, did you try a "WHOIS" lookup of the ownership of a website and what happened?
  • Now we mention it, was the first thing you did to send an invoice for the use of your work, or ask for it to be taken down, or what?
  • Did you try to find out where you could sue for payment - go to court - and how hard was that?
  • What happened in the end?

Please send your response to with subject line "Getting my money". We will anonymise your response unless you say you'd like your name used