LETTER: Online only

Staying in touch

If for no other reason than that you have got in touch I have to acknowledge that the covid pandemic has its bright side.

Yes, I have received your Freelance Branch agenda and yes, I do trawl through my junk file every few days to retrieve emails which shouldn't have been relegated to it.

I doubt if there is anybody in the branch who can remember me, but I certainly remember the branch - not only the Freelance Branch, but also the Trade & Technical Branch which I originally joined. The only other survivor I know of is Maurice Jay, whom I meet every now and then for a modest meal and some nostalgia.

Now at 97 I am thankful to be still compos mentis, though the corpore is not quite as sano as I would like it.

If you think it appropriate (and if anyone cares), please convey my greetings and best wishes to all members at the next meeting.