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Travel insurance for journalists

WITH foreign travel now a possibility again, Hugh King of Battleface, Insurance partners to the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), joined the July virtual LFB meeting to remind members of Battleface's all-inclusive Travel Insurance for journalists.


Underwritten by Lloyds of London, Battleface covers hostile environments and conflict zones, emergency medical treatment, evacuation and accidents, and adventure travel to isolated places with 24/7 on-the-ground assistance and claims. There is also the option to include equipment cover.

Sample quotes for Battleface cover are here, valid from 1 July 2020. Cover can be purchased after departure if you need to extend your trip.

There is a 10 per cent discount on policies for holders of an International Press Card from the International Federation of Journalists. For the announcement of the policy see here.

Hugh reminded members that the Rory Peck Trust has a training fund for courses for freelance journalists in surviving hostile environments. For more information on this, please go to the link below.

  • On 17 September 2020 we added details, in discussion with Battleface.