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New members meet

THE SECOND Zoomer for members new to LFB on 30 July went very well, though it was less "crowded" than most recently. Half a dozen came along, though 13 had sort-of said they would by asking for the link. It was a nice summer evening, mind, and we suspect the younger crowd may have been desporting as the attendees were all pretty experienced, while new to the NUJ - a good thing as it suggests, in this peculiar time, we're reaching out to established journos as well as newcomers and students.

Every new members' group has its own randomly gathered character and this lively crowd were a) very enthusiastic about what they'd seen of LFB and the NUJ so far, which is always nice to hear b) in several cases earning a lot of their freelance incomes from foreign parts while based in London (national newspapers in India and Spain, specialist publications in USA for instance), and c) although experienced, quite keen to hear about all the nuts and bolts of union support and advice on legal issues, training courses on how to negotiate more money, copyright and such - and in one case how research and campaigning on inequality issues (pay and other aspects) might be connected with the union's mainstream.

Invitations to new members meetings are issued on a rolling joined-in-the-past-six-months programme - but anyone who wants to come along in is welcome: just contact and he'll send you the Zoom details for the next one on Thursday 29 October.

We'll be back at the Camera Museum/coffee shop one day, we hope, but for now the event is virtual, with the beverage of your choice.