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What equality issues matter to you?

OUR Branch Equality officers want to know what issues most concern you. One explains:

Equality concerns us all, regardless of our background, colour and creed. But in spite of the Equality Act, and ongoing campaign by high profile personalities such as Sir Trevor Phillips and organizations such as BBC and the NUJ to improve equality for all at work and wider society, inequality is on the ascending trend once again.

Due to this, the London Freelance Branch Equality Officers have launched a Survey to find out how LFB members perceptibly and imperceptibly grapple with the anathema. Also, it is to find out what LFB members recommend LFB committee to do to improve equality in the branch. Equally, the committee want to know what you suggest LFB to do regarding the impact of Covid19 on BAME medics and the rise of BLM.

We ask Branch members to complete the survey at the link below.