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Praise be!

WE ARE STRUCK that Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, remembered freelances when he deplored Her Majesty's Government refusing to increase support for those affected by lockdown on 20 October. He said:

Even now I am still willing to do a deal, but it cannot be on the terms that the Government offered today, because on those terms I could not meet the commitments I made to people on the lowest incomes, to people who are self-employed, to the freelancers in this city who need our support.

(See full speech from the Scotsman)

How rarely we see such recognition from a politician so prominently!

The NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council with one voice declaimed1: "Praise be! At last the needs of freelances in these trying times are near the front of a politician's mind. Now, let's get justice for the #ForgottenFreelances who won't even get the miserly one-fifth of earnings that the rest are due from next month."

And less than two days later the Chancellor announced a doubling of the meagre "SEISS" payments to some freelances. Nothing, still, for the #ForgottenFreelances, though.

Note: Those who had responded by button-press time were unanimous.