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Journalists should not sue each other

THE LONDON FREELANCE Branch meeting on Monday 12 October passed the following motion, proposed by veteran member Duncan Campbell:

A member of London Freelance Branch, Paddy French, is being sued by another journalist, John Ware, over a pamphlet, Is The BBC Anti-Labour? which he wrote in response to John Ware's Panorama programme "Is Labour Anti-Semitic?" Both French and Ware are admirable journalists with a long history of brave, investigative journalism, exposing corruption and injustice.

While we do not make judgments on either the programme or the pamphlet, we do not believe that the libel laws, and their inevitable costs of tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds, are the best way to solve disputes between journalists. Also being sued for republishing the pamphlet are two members of Jewish Voices for Labour, one of whom is an NUJ life member. We urge that the matter be resolved without recourse to libel courts.

While the case continues, Paddy French has a fundraiser - see the link below. At the time of writing it had got £32,000.

Duncan Cambpbell on Zoom

Duncan Cambpbell speaks to the motion, on Zoom