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How should we report road collisions?

THE FIRST EVER guidelines for reporting road collisions have been developed at the University of Westminster's Active Travel Academy, with input from the NUJ. Road crashes (including crashes involving bicycles) claim 1700 lives a year and are the biggest cause of death worldwide for 15-29 year-olds.

The guidelines include the suggestion that the word "accident" should not be used, as in all but a very small number of cases a collision is the result of some form of "misjudgement, error or downright dangerous action" by at least one road-user.

The draft guidelines are being put out for public consultation, which ends on 8 November. The final version is due to be launched on 26 November. You can read the guidelines here. It's a very manageable and engaging couple of screenfulls of text with a brief free-text online "respond to the consultation" form.