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Calls for support for creative workers


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THE CREATORS' Rights Alliance has written to the UK Chancellor of the Exchequer, calling on him to ensure that "self-employed workers who have fallen through the gaps of government assistance finally receive some support."

As it observes:

As a result of national and localised lockdowns, and the ensuing restrictions on indoor venues, many creative professionals in the live performance sector have been unable to carry out their work and have lost income. Similarly, there has been a substantial impact on other creators who rely on live performances for work such as playwrights, composers, journalists, photographers, illustrators and technical operators who have seen a freeze in commissions covering sporting, cultural, musical and theatrical events.

The CRA is an alliance of 17 organisations and trade unions - including the NUJ - representing just under 350,000 creators working in the UK.

Also today, 110 organisations representing creative workers at a European level have written to governments and to the European Commission asking for support.

This initiate is in the name of Culture Action Europe and is signed by the European Federation of Journalists (EFJ) of which the NUJ is a member.

Please read the letters linked below and publicise them on social media!