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In memory of Dave Rotchelle:

Invitation to the London Freelance Gallery

EARNING a living was hard enough for lens-based journalists before the coronavirus pandemic hit. When it arrived, it robbed many photographers of their livelihoods overnight.

The Freelance spoke with one photographer who had an exhibition set up in a gallery ready to open, when covid-19 struck. They had invested considerable time and money in it, and that went to waste. The gallery was forced to close, leaving photos on the walls of an empty room.

Exhibitions that would normally be planned now haven't been put together. Photographers are understandably wary about putting in the time and expense to organise shows, knowing that they could be ordered into another lockdown at a moment's notice.

This absence of opportunities to display our work has inspired LFB member and photographer Larry Herman to propose - and the Branch to adopt - an online virtual photography gallery to showcase the photography of our members.

Members of London Freelance Branch are invited to submit a set of up to five of their photos to the London Freelance Gallery - in memory of Dave Rotchelle, whose obituary is here - via gallery@londonfreelance.org where you can submit up to five of your photos - for which you are the copyright holder - as JPEG images 420 pixels across. You have the option also to submit a larger version to be linked from a smaller thumbnail version, but please be aware that putting high resolution images online is roughly equivalent to stapling a £10 note to a park bench in terms of copyright abuse risk, as we observe at www.londonfreelance.org/feesguide/photo.html

You can include up to 20 words of text in the caption to each of your photos. You may submit a link to your website. We will include a link to your entry in the Freelance Directory.

All photos and text will be checked for compliance with the NUJ's Code of Conduct. The editor's decision on whether to accept submissions for inclusion in the Gallery is final.

The Gallery could also include examples of members' published illustration or cartoon work.

Yes, you will keep copyright in all of your images displayed on the Gallery. Fill terms and conditions will follow soon below.

Long after the pandemic ends, we hope the London Freelance Gallery will continue to serve as a virtual venue for members.

Please see the terms and conditions for the Gallery.