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This is not spam

MEMBERS of London Freelance Branch should receive one monthly "Virtual Freelance" email with links to new stories on this site and notice of the monthly Branch meeting. Under current circumstances you should also receive a link for our Zoom meeting, generated shortly before the meeting.

And there's the rub. Some email systems detect that the message has gone out to many people and decide that it's "spam". One large internet company seems particularly keen on deciding this. It's probably only our suspicious mind that makes us suspect that this is because we have the temerity to use a small competitor's email service and not the large company's.

So: if you are a Branch member and do not see a message from us on the first and second Monday of the month, please check your spam folders. We have started enumerating the names of the places where messages can wind up:

  • Trash
  • Spam
  • Junk mail
  • Quarantine (sometimes accessible through webmail but not downloaded to your email client!)
  • In 2019 Microsoft Outlook acquired a "clutter" folder, though most of what went in there were messages from Outlook announcing the boon of a "clutter" folder.

We are currently thinking hard about how to make it less likely that messages get hidden from you, though email systems are a law unto themselves and keep amending themselves.

In some email systems it is possible to specify that messages from and our cute ancient synonym are Not Spam.

  • 8 February 2021: we refined some terminolgy.