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100 Luftballonen for Belarus

Solidarity action with baloons

The solidarity action in Würzburg

JOURNALISTS in Bavaria showed solidarity with colleagues in Belarus on Friday 12 March outside the office of the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Belarus for the Free State of Bavaria in Würzburg. They brought 100 balloons in the colours of the Belarusian opposition movement. The Bavarian Journalists' Association (BJV), part of the German Journalist Federation (DJV), called the protest against the systematic persecution of critical media representatives by the regime of Alexander Lukashenko and the attempt to close down the Belarus Journalists' Association (BAJ). A delegation, which was small due to coronaviris regulations, met in front of the office in shirts reading "Journalists are not terrorists" and held up white and red balloons with a card with a message of solidarity in German, English and Russian. "To stab journalists, to put them in the dungeon and to silence them in this way is not a sign of strength or sovereignty," said Wolfgang Grebenhof, deputy chairman of the DJV.

Borislav Kostourkov, journalist and Chair of the International Committee of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (UBJ) sent "congratulations on the solidarity action of the Bavarian journalists!" and said: "We should draw the utmost attention of the European and world public opinion to what is really happening in Belarus and particular with journalists' persecution. The European Union and all democratic-minded people all over the world cannot and should not tolerate any longer the regime in Minsk." Borislav "fully supports the appeal of the German colleagues and the words of my friend Wolfgang Grebenhof calling for immediate release of all imprisoned journalists and freedom of speech and press in Belarus!"