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NUJ condemns attack on Belfast photographer

Kevin Scott, photographer with the Belfast Telegraph, was attacked by two masked men in Cupar Way, Belfast, while at work covering the events of 2 April - a night that saw rioting in several areas of the city.

One man pulled Kevin to the ground and smashed his camera. He was also subjected to explicitly sectarian verbal abuse.

NUJ Belfast and District Branch Chair Robin Wilson described the attack as "unfortunately just the latest in a long line of instances of violence and intimidation directed against our members. Journalists are key workers who provide essential information to the public and they must be allowed to go about their work unmolested."

Robin added that "like all citizens, our members deserve the protection of the rule of law. We call on all elected representatives to make clear and unconditional their commitment to uphold the rule of law. And we urge the Police Service of Northern Ireland to bend every sinew to protect our members whose safety is being put, all too frequently, in jeopardy."