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How to get the Delegate Meeting 2021 agenda

IF YOU are a member of LFB and have the time and the opportunity to look at the final agenda for Delegate Meeting (DM, the NUJ's conference,) please do so before the Branch meeting on Monday 10 May. At this meeting the Branch will vote on positions to be taken by its delegation at DM 2021 on Friday 20 May and Saturday 21 May.

The Agenda for Delegate Meeting 2021

The cover of the agenda for the NUJ Delegate Meeting 2021 (the same as DM 2020) looks a bit like this

The DM agenda is here, on the NUJ website as a pdf. It's in the password-protected members-only area. You will need to log in by entering your username and password to get at it.

It's important to note that you'll probably need more than a couple of minutes to access it, so don't expect to sort it out in the minutes leading up to Monday's Branch meeting. Download the DM agenda before that if you can.

A recent redesign of the NUJ website means that you will need to reset your password if you created it before March 2021. Your username should be the email that the NUJ Membership Department has for you. Go to the password reset page if you haven't already and request a password reset. If you never had an account on create one here.

In the Freelance's experience, it takes a little while for the email with your password reset details to arrive. The new password also expires quite quickly: so be vigilant for its arrival in your inbox and act speedily - and do check your spam folder(s).

Once your password is reset the site will take you through some email preference tick-boxes. You'll then have to go to the page with the DM agenda on it all over again - here.

If you find you're unable to update your password and get into the member's area, contact the NUJ Membership Department via

This agenda that we will use for DM 2021 is in fact identical to the agenda for DM 2020, the DM that never was due to covid. So it's labelled "Delegate Meeting" and "2020" on its front cover - along with "Southport", which is where it would have been - and gives some dates in April 2020. Don't let this confuse you. This is the document you want. Download it and save it on to your device.

Please look particularly at any motions in the agenda for DM that are proposed by LFB, or any amendments put forward by LFB.

Those LFB members who are on the Virtual Freelance email list will have received an email invitation to the May Branch meeting. This includes a link to a table explaining which motions and amendments to DM are proposed by LFB. The table is also a guide to which motions put by other tabling bodies the LFB delegation recommends supporting or opposing. This email went to LFB members on Saturday 8 May. Do check your spam folder(s) again.

The most important motion to be debated at DM (and before then at "Branch") is Motion 25 - on finance - with the proposed amendments to it. Motion 25 proposes increases to NUJ subscriptions, aimed at staving off a financial crisis in the Union.

Some of the motions in the document have recently been withdrawn or overtaken by events. Others can be passed without a debate through something called "Standing Order 3". There will be an update and an attempt to demystify all this at the Branch meeting. Ignore anything written about what time of day and what dates the order papers will be dealt with: this has been superseded.