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Vacancies on NUJ Councils

THERE ARE some vacancies for the various NUJ Councils representing different industrial sectors, demographics or geographical regions. The Councils meet periodically to set policy.

A meeting room at the NUJ HQ

One of these seats could be yours! The basement meeting room at the NUJ's Headland House HQ, where meetings of NUJ Councils may one day be held again

Each of the Councils that has vacancies has seats on it representing geographical areas, industrial sectors or demographics. See below for how to ensure that the NUJ's Membership Department has you down as belonging to that industry sector or demographic. The Executive Councils for the nations within the UK have seats representing particular NUJ Branches within that nation.

Black Members and Disabled Members are self-defining. Geographical areas are by postcode. "London" seats for are geographical postcodes (postcodes starting with N, NW, E, EC, WC, SW or SE); South-East England is for other postcodes in rhe region. (So if, for example, you’re in the London Borough of Richmond, you'd be counted as being in South-East England due to you TW postcode.)

The Freelance understands that freelance NUJ members are entitled to a modest Loss of Earnings Allowance for attending meetings of the NUJ Councils, including "Zoomers".

The Freelance Industrial Council has one seat going to represent each of the following: London (see above for a definition); North West England; Republic of Ireland; Scotland; Wales; and Yorkshire and Humberside.

The Photographer's Council seeks a photographer member to represent South East England. The Continental European Council seeks a representative for Paris (NUJ Paris Branch). The Ethics Council seeks a rep who works in the national newspapers sector.

For freelances in Scotland, the Scottish Executive Council (SEC) has a vacancy for a Freelance rep, as well as representatives from the following sectors: national newspapers and agencies (two vacancies); new media; provincial newspapers; and PR and communication. So freelances who regularly work in one of those sectors in that nation can stand for one of these seats. Also up for election on the SEC are seats representing the following NUJ Branches: West of Scotland Freelance; Ayrshire; Dumfries & Galloway; Dundee; Fife; Forth Valley; Grampian; Greenock; Highlands; Lanarkshire; and Perth & District.

The Welsh Executive Council seeks one representatives for each of the following: national newspapers and agencies; new media; photographers; and provincial newspapers. It also seeks reps from the following Branches: North/Mid Wales; North Wales Coast; and Swansea & District.

The New Media Industrial Council has seats up for election for Black Members, Disabled Members, London, Midlands, North West England and South East England, the latter including East Anglia.

The Broadcasting Industrial Council seeks two reps each for BBC English Regions and BBC Worldwide Commercial Radio. The Magazines and Book Industrial Council have there vacancies for those working in magazines and one each for Black Members, Disabled Members, Equality and Books.

The Newspapers and Agencies Industrial Council seeks one rep each for East Anglia, the Midlands, Northern Ireland, South West Wales and Merseyside and also one rep each for Black Members, Disabled Members and Equality.

The Public Relations and Communications Industrial Council are looking for two ropes for North West England a rep each for London and South East England, for the Midlands, for South West England. PR and Communications also has a vacancy for Equality.

Those elected will serve until the Delegate Meeting that will take place some time in the Spring of 2023. In order to stand, you first need to seek nomination from an NUJ Branch. Branches can nominate people who are members of other Branches. If you are seeking the nomination of LFB, please contact the Branch Secretary in plenty, plenty of time for them to be able to send in signed nomination forms to arrive by Monday 7 June.

You first need to ensure that NUJ Membership Department has you down as being part of the demographic or industrial sector you want to represent. Contact the Membership Department via the NUJ switchboard or by email: and let them know that you still wish to be recorded as being a freelance but also that you wish to be recorded as being in whatever sector you work, or as being a Disabled Member, Black Member, photographer or whatever it is. Do this also in plenty of time for the 7 June deadline, obviously.

It is likely that most candidates will be elected unopposed. In the event that there is more than one candidate for any of these posts, an election will be triggered, conducted by a postal ballot of those eligible to vote for elections to each Council.

Any queries about eligibility to stand in these elections should be addressed to the NUJ's Leyla Yusuf

We remind you, too, that there are also some vacancies on LFB's own Committee: jobshares as Co-chair; Membership Officer; Welfare Officer; and for a Member at Large. Contact a member of the Committee if you are interested in standing. Details of what these jobs entail are available.