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Some happy freelance stories

SHALL WE have happy little freelance stories in these teeth-clenching times? Why not, when they're true? These concern two new-ish freelances negotiating very handy increases on the fees they were first offered.

X pitched to a website and got offered the client's "standard" $125 for what the freelance reckoned might be four hours' work. It had potential to be the start of something regular, so he politely argued this, that and how about some more? Say $175? “Well, I can go to $150.” Done. A 20 per cent increase.

Y managed even more. She pitches to a mag. They like the idea. She asks what they're offering and they say £800. She says, "mmmm", and some amiable minutes later they've gone to £1250 and she's said "Great, it'll be with you next Friday". A 55 per cent increase on original offer.

This is not to say we can always jack fees up with a bit of negotiation – of course not - but sometimes we can. Those who don't ask, don't get, and don't let terrible times tell you otherwise.

The Editor adds: do check the advice paged linked below! And please do submit the rates you have negotiated.