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Call for testimony on threats to journalists

THERE'S A call from the UK government's National Committee for the Safety of Journalists for evidence and testimony on threats to and attacks on journalists. The NUJ, which is a member of that Committee, is asking members to respond, in the hope that the call for evidence will eventually result in some "concrete measures."

The survey on threats to journalists

The survey on threats to journalists

For background on the National Committee for the Safety of Journalists and its commitments and recent safety action plan, see here.

The survey on journalists' experiences and perception of threats to them and attacks on them bears the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport logo - though, somewhat curiously, its email address is at the Home Office.

The survey's not a long one, with a few minutes' worth of multiple choice questions on how confident you feel about the capacity of the police and social media providers to deal with threats and so on. But it does end with some rather hard free text questions about how police and judicial responses to threats to journalists can be "enhanced".

Mildly eyebrow-raising from the point of view of freelances is the survey's question: "How satisfied are you with the existing arrangements of your employer in helping you to deal with incidents?" You may wish to respond to this by pointing out in the free text sections that follow that you don’t have an employer. We're dependent on the practically non-existent goodwill of clients in ensuring protection for the freelances they engage.

Rather than the slightly surreal box-ticking exercise in answer to the DCMS's set questions, though, you might instead like to send your free text evidence about what you feel the issues are. You can do this by email, to Either way, you'll need to respond by Wednesday 14 July. Please do send a copy to

The European Federation of Journalists, of which the NUJ is also a part, is also running a survey on the safety of journalists. Details are here.