Longer online version; updated 09/08/21

More and better rates for PR work

WE HAVE BEEN able to update the NUJ Freelance Fees Guide to reflect better market information about what's being paid in the field of public relations. We have new suggested rates for words, pictures, shifts and "project work".

The Fees Guide is legal because it is based on an open market survey, not least through NUJ members and others submitting rates they've received to our Rate for the Job service. If it weren't for this process, the Fees Guide would be at risk of being declared a "cartel" - as if freelance journalists were as maliciously powerful as, say, the US railroads in their pomp.

This update is possible due in large part to the generosity of the #FreelancerPayGap initiative in sharing its data. We analysed the pay gaps reflected in the rates they collected in April, here.

Most of the newly-suggested rates reflect new information about the top of the market. This reinforces the message from the survey that it is particularly important that journalists submit the best rates that you have received, to improve our understanding of the spread and the gaps.

We include rates for some new categories of work, such as "SEO" - Search Engine Optimisation. That may be the bane of email inboxes burdened with dubious offers to improve your visibility on the web - but it is an actual job in publishing houses.

Please see the links below to review the rates and to submit your own.

Within the next week we plan to publish some top-notch rates for writing for magazines and newspapers, too.

  • 9 August 2021 It actually took us until now to add those top-notch magazine and newspaper rates.