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Elections for London seats on the Union’s National Executive

THERE ARE elections for two vacant London seats on the NUJ's National Executive Council (NEC), the body charged with the Union's routine decision-making at the national and international level.

Hand posting ballot paper; Photo: Matt Salusbury

If you have a ballot paper, fill it in and post it if you haven't yet done so.

NUJ members who have an address in one of the London boroughs can vote. That includes all the London geographical postcodes. It also includes those boroughs on the edge of the metropolis that don't have a London geographical postcode but do have the words "London borough" in their title and whose residents have a vote in elections for the Mayor of London and the Greater London Assembly. (The London Borough of Richmond is an example.)

Please make sure the NUJ has your up-to-date postal address: contact them immediately if it has changed via the self-service update form or via - ballots will be posted out very soon.

If you are eligible to vote you should receive a ballot paper by post in plenty of time for the opening of postal voting, which is 20 September. If you have not received a ballot in the days leading up to that date, please contact

Your completed ballot paper must arrive by before midday on 25 October, which doesn't leave very much time. (Apologies for the erroneous date given out in an earlier version of this article, this has now been corrected.) We recommend filling in and posting your ballot in as soon as you get it. As far as we are aware, you have two votes and there are three candidates. The result will be posted on the NUJ website on 30 November.

Two LFB candidates

We commend to you the two candidates who are members of London Freelance Branch.

Deborah Hobson; Photo: Alistair Dabbs

Deborah Hobson chairs a special LFB meeting on racism in the media

One is Deborah Hobson, a recent Treasurer of the NUJ Black Members Council, who was recently elected the Branch Vice-Chair.

Matt Salusbury; Photo: Mike Holderness

Matt Salusbury chairing a recent LFB "Zoomer"

The other is Matt Salusbury, LFB Chair since before the start of the pandemic and deputy editor of the Freelance for absolutely ages. Matt is also a member of the Freelance Industrial Council and sits on the Journalist Editorial Advisory Board.

We ask you to consider casting your two votes for these two LFB candidates (both nominated by the Branch at the July LFB meeting). In the humble opinion of the Freelance the Union's members who are freelances living and working in London and also members of LFB - by far the Union's biggest Branch - are currently under-represented on the NEC.

You may receive an official email or emails on behalf of all the candidates with their electoral statements from the NUJ sometime after 14 September. Watch this space and the Twitter account @NUJ_LFB for links to possible campaign material from LFB's candidates, to forward to colleagues who are NUJ members based in London. There's a link to Matt Salusbury's election manifesto here.

  • This article was updated on 11/10/21 to correct an erroneous date, to add a link to candidate's campaign material and to add a photo.