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Writers’ collecting society seeks board members

SOME OF us who are members of the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society (ALCS) have received small amounts into our bank accounts from its "September distribution". This distribution mostly covers licences for secondary uses for your books or academic journal articles. We have anecdotal reports that this year's September payments to some members were higher than last year, sometimes double.

Those who write articles in magazines and journals typically expect, however, bigger payouts in the March distribution next year.

If you're not an ALCS member and write articles, see here for details and consider signing up now.

Meanwhile ALCS is seeking three members for its board of non-executive directors. And, yes, those elected are remunerated for this rôle, quite well. Nominations are open for these posts: for details of the qualifications needed, eligibility and how to seek nomination see here.

If you are a visual journalist, photographer or illustrator we recommend you join the equivalent collecting society, DACS.