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Lyra: a film

Lyra McKee

Lyra McKee

DOCUMENTARIAN Alison Millar, a friend of Lyra McKee, has made a film that seeks answers to Lyra's senseless killing on 18 April 2019, through Lyra's own work and words. "In just 29 years, she rose from working-class roots in war-torn Belfast to become an internationally-renowned investigative journalist, who sought justice for forgotten crimes amid the euphoria surrounding the 1998 Good Friday Peace agreement. As the voice of her ceasefire generation, Lyra represented hope for a future free of conflict. Her killing casts a dark shadow over a land trying to shake off the shackles of its violent past."

The film is showing in the Belfast Film Festival at 7pm on 7 November 2021: book here.

The Freelance will try to locate further showings.