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Female photographer wanted on the NUJ Photographers’ Council

THE NUJ's Photographers' Council is still looking for a woman photographer to fill the vacancy for a London seat.

The NUJ Photographers Council is composed of members from all nations and regions of the UK and from Ireland, plus a representative from (other) European Union member states.

The Council campaigns for photographers' and visual journalists' rights and for equality in all areas of our industry. It meets an average of four or five times a year, and will be continuing to do so virtually for the foreseeable future.

The position is an honorary one, but a loss-of-earnings allowance of up to £50 per meeting is paid to participants, plus travel expenses upon return to physical meetings.

The Council is seeking a woman member, for the sake of gender balance. It would like to encourage a London Freelance Branch member to come forward; the Branch will then have to agree to nominate the candidate. If you have questions, please contact the Freelance editors, who will pass them on.