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Last call for details of books, scripts for ‘free money’ from ALCS

IF YOU have a book published or a script that has been performed, you have until 11 February to submit details of these works to the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Service (ALCS). This is so that details can be processed in time for you to benefit from some "free money" from ALCS's "March distribution" on 23 March 2022.

Nameplate for Shackleton House, ALCS's HQ

Nameplate of Shackelton House, the building that includes the offices of ALCS, near London Bridge. Explorer Ernest Shackelton set out from a point very near here on his final expedition to Antarctica in 1921 in the ship Quest

ALCS collects money for secondary uses of your work such as university library lending and photocopying and storage of your work on corporate databases. It then passes that on to authors. The bulk of the money ALCS distributes in this way - £26 million divvied up between 90,000 of its members in March 2021 - is paid out in the March distribution.

The biggest payout from ALCS to an LFB member that we are aware of is £7100 in 2020. The highest figure received by an LFB freelance in the March 2021 payout that we know about was £5000.

The 11 February deadline includes books and chapters of books you wrote as part of an anthology for which you were credited, with no limit on how far back they were published.

You have regrettably missed the deadline to submit details of your published articles for which you had a byline in journals and magazines going back up to three years (not newspapers, also regrettably). But you can still sign up to ALCS now in anticipation of next year's March distribution and ALCS's smaller distribution in September this year.

There's more detail on how the scheme works, and on DACS - its equivalent for photographers, illustrators and visual journalists - here and here.