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Vacancies on NUJ Councils and Committees - get a Branch to nominate you on 14/03/22

THERE ARE some vacancies on the NUJ's Industrial Councils - bodies that advise on policy in the industry's various sectors.

A recent meeting of the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council; Photo: Matt Salusbury

A recent meeting of the NUJ's Freelance Industrial Council.

Of interest to members of London Freelance Branch are seats going on the Freelance Industrial Council - two seats representing London, one representing East and West Midlands, one for North West England, one for Scotland, one for Wales and one from Yorkshire and Humberside.

The London seats are for full members living within the area of the Greater London Assembly, whether or not their postcode is a geographical N, NW, SE, SW, EC, WC or E postcode. (So yes, a member in - say - Richmond, with their TW postcode, would be eligible as Richmond is a London Borough.)

There is also a vacant seat for a freelance anywhere in Scotland to serve on the Scottish Executive Council. Public Relations and Communications Industrial Council has a seat going for a freelance working in that sector and with an address in London or the South East.

The NUJ's Appeals Tribunal has a vacancy, as does the Disabled Members' Council: both of these are open to an NUJ member from any sector, nation or region.

Jobshares are possible, if you are thinking of standing in a jobshare you should obviously check that the other person you are thinking of standing with is up for it as well.

In order to stand for one of these posts, you need to seek the nomination of an NUJ Branch - that would, generally, be voted on at the London Freelance Branch meeting on 14 March 2022. Members can seek nomination from a Branch other than their own: in any case the forms need to be signed by an official of the Branch and sent off to arrive at HQ before 30 March. As signing stuff electronically can be fiddly, it's best to approach the Branch Secretary, Chair, Vice-Chair or Treasurer (contact details here) in plenty, plenty of time.

In the event of more than one candidate being nominated for any given post, the NUJ will inform you that there will be an election by postal ballot.

If you are standing for a geographical seat that you have recently moved into, please contact the Membership Department to ensure that they have your eligible address. The term "disabled" is for the purposes of these elections self-defining, but you will have to first contact Membership to ensure the Union has you recorded as belonging to the demographic you are seeking to represent.

For freelance members only, there is a nominal loss of earnings allowance paid when you attend of Council meetings, based on how many hours these take. When meetings become face-to-face again, expenses for travel, and a small amount for "subsistence" (lunch during longer meetings) are also covered.

  • 7 February 2022 We clarified the effective deadlines.