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Can you help an exiled journalist with English? Do you need such help?

AS PART OF the London Freelance Branch initiative to support exiled journalists, we aim to put them in touch with experienced sub-editors who can assist them with that surprisingly special dialect, "English for journalists". For example, we could introduce those who can sub-edit copy and explain the changes to those who could benefit.

This can also support our "All the voices of the NUJ" initiative to support members who are in the UK voluntarily, as it were.

If you can offer such help, or if you want to receive it, please email english@londonfreelance.org to register your interest. Please indicate in your message:

  • Your name
  • The NUJ Branch that you belong to, and membership type (full, temporary, student, asylum-seeker...)
  • A summary of your experience - where you have worked as a journalist
  • The languages in which you are fluent

We shall shortly offer a draft agreement to help ensure that the parties are clear on what they will do.