Remembering Lyra McKee

ON MONDAY NUJ members held a vigil at St. Anne's Cathedral in Donegal Street, Belfast to mark the third anniversary of the murder of journalist and NUJ member Lyra McKee. They unveiled a new banner in memory of Lyra and in support of her family's renewed appeal for justice.

Vigil at St Anne's Cathedral

The vigil on 18 April 2022

They unveiled the new banner in the company of Lyra's sister Mary. They were joined by Alison Millar and Owen Reidy of the Irish Congress of Trade Unions (ICTU) - they are chair of the Northern Ireland Committee of ICTU and assistant general secretary respectively. St Anne's Cathedral is where the funeral took place in April 2019.

Ms Millar commended Lyra's quality journalism and commitment to equality, and said the trade union movement would continue to press for her killers to be brought to justice. Also speaking were Kathryn Johnston, equality officer of the Belfast NUJ branch; its chair, Robin Wilson; and Maggie Taggart of Headliners, which encourages young people to develop their voice through journalism.