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There’s a new code of practice for programme proposals

The Code cover

The Code

BROADCASTERS and trades unions have agreed an updated code of practice for handling submissions and programme proposals. The code offers practical guidance to broadcasters on how to handle scripts, storylines, artwork and development documents. It sets out the obligations of both those submitting and receiving proposals and includes guidelines on how to handle disputes.

The code of practice was created by the Alliance for the Protection of Copyright (APC) to make sure that programme proposals are treated in a fair and transparent manner - to prevent the submitters' rights being infringed and to give you confidence when submitting proposals. Of course copyright does not apply to ideas - so most of the protection of the concept expressed in a proposal is to do with the law on contract and confidentiality.

The new version of the code covers podcasts and digital programs as well as film, radio and television.

The members of the APC are trades unions and broadcasters:

  • British Broadcasting Corporation
  • Channel Four Television
  • Channel 5 Broadcasting Limited
  • Directors UK
  • ITV Network Limited
  • Musicians’ Union
  • National Union of Journalists
  • PACT - the Producers Alliance for Cinema and Television
  • AudioUK
  • The Society of Authors
  • Writers’ Guild of Great Britain
  • S4C - Sianel Pedwar Cymru