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Check in if you want the Freelance in print

The Freelance and the Journalist

A SHORT article in the June-July 2022 print edition of the Journalist, the magazine of the NUJ, warns that a "database bug" resulted in "as many as 700 members" not getting the February and April editions of the Journalist by post. This means that some members won't have got the print Freelance either.

At least some members who requested the Journalist and Freelance in print received the June edition at the end of May. But the warning about copies not reaching people in the post arrived... in the post. It did reach Freelance Towers as normal. But it's worth checking...

The Journalist editor says the bug affected recording of the preferences of those members who had asked to receive the magazine in print by post. They recommend those who were expecting a print Journalist but didn't get one to contact them via or to visit the self-service preferences page via

According to the editor of the Journalist you should refresh your preference even if you have previously opted to receive the Journalist - and thus the Freelance - in print. Have your NUJ membership number and password ready.

We remind readers - especially new members - that the default setting these days is to receive the magazine only via email as a PDF. You have to actively ask for it to be mailed to you in print by post, together with the Freelance, if you want it.

A PDF version of the June/July 2022 Freelance can be downloaded here. You can read the June/July 2022 Journalist online as a pdf here.

Feedback and submissions

NUJ members who have feedback or suggestions about the content of the Journalist are reminded that they can pass these on the to two members of its Editorial Advisory Board who are on LFB's Committee, Safi Tazib and Matt Salusbury. (LFB Committee contacts are here.)

The Journalist's editor, Christine Buckley, is commissioning photography from NUJ member photographers. She invites these to be pro-active in contacting her - at - if they have any photos of events the magazine is likely to cover, of if they have stock images of the sort that the Journalist might need.

For the record

The June print edition of the Freelance incorrectly reported Elizabeth Ingrams in its front page story. In fact little by way of healthcare infrastructure survived the nuclear strike on Nagasaki on 9 August 1945 This has been corrected online. The Freelance regrets the error.