Useful forms

Links to the forms on this site. This page exists mostly because it has an easily-quoted address. All the forms are PDFs and to read or print them you need the free Acrobat reader - or alternatively the even free-er GhostView.

Confirmation of Commission

Joining the NUJ

The Rate for the Job

Motions to London Freelance Branch meetings

Authors' Licensing & Collecting Society (ALCS)

These are the essential forms that writers need to complete to get payments for photocopying of their work and some other secondary uses. See also current forms on the ALCS site.

Photographers, illustrators, cartoonists and allied trades need to contact the DACS, the Design & Artists Collecting Society, instead.

Problems opening a form?

TIP: If you have an older (smaller, much faster and generally better) version of Acrobat installed, it may pretend that some forms made with newer versions do not exist. It's lying. If this happens:

  • Right-click the link above (or click and hold if you use a Mac);
  • Choose Save Link Target As... or the synonym that you see;
  • Choose where to put it on your hard disk;
  • Now start your Acrobat program, and under the File menu select Open;
  • Tell your Acrobat program where you just put the form;
  • et voilá!
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