Archive of meeting reports

THIS IS the archive of reports of past London Freelance Branch meetings. For the current year's meetings, see here.


Mon Jan 11 Annual General Meeting 2021: elected the Committee and received officers' reports on the past year
Thu Jan 28 Meeting for members new to freelancing online, 6pm
Mon Feb 08 From geeks to rock stars in one grim leap data journalism
Mon Mar 08 Working well from home - or not and we heard from Andy Aitchison about his arrest and the NUJ's help getting charges dropped
Mon Apr 12 I do not have 'special needs', I have rights being a disabled journalist
Mon Apr 26 We have to address all forms of racism special event
Thu Apr 29 New members' meeting, via Zoom
Mon May 10 Union policy debates - mandating DM delegates
Mon Jun 14 On not taking 'no' for an answer Donna Ferguson's pitching tips
Mon Jul 12 Introducing "All the voices of the NUJ"
Also: Resist these dangerous 'security' plans!
Thu Jul 29 New members' meeting
August No meeting
Mon Sep 13 A Question & Answer session on union organising with our new Freelance Organisers.
Thu Sep 23 An evening on climate change reporting report
Mon Oct 11 Zubeida Jaffer on the role of reporting in ending apartheid
Thu Oct 28 New members' meeting
Mon Nov 8 Restrictions on reporting particularly for sexual offences
Mon Dec 13 An online quiz night


Mon Jan 13 Annual General Meeting: elected the Committee and amended the rules. See reports from Branch officers.
Thu Jan 30 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Feb 10 Hyper-local news. How does that work, then? Report of David Altheer's talk
Mon Mar 09 Control-shift! the woes and other things of shift work
Mon Apr 20 Meeting cancelled - due to coronavirus
Thu Apr 30 Virtual new members' meeting, via Zoom
Tue May 5 LFB Live: virtual "surgery" for members
Mon May 11 In the eye of the storm our online meeting with the General Secretary and Freelance Organiser
Tue May 19 LFB Live: virtual "surgery"
Tue Jun 2 LFB Live: virtual "surgery"
Mon Jun 08 What future for the BBC?
Tue Jun 30 LFB Live: virtual "surgery"
Mon Jul 13 How can journalists make money from email newsletters?
Thu Jul 30 New members' meeting: report
August No meeting
Mon Sep 14 Court reporting in crisis
Mon Oct 12 Black Lives Matter: challenges to journalism
Thu Oct 29 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Nov 9 Surviving and thriving in a time of covid
Mon Dec 14 An evening with renowned cartoonist Steve Bell


Mon Jan 14 Annual General Meeting: elected the Committee and amended the rules. See reports from Branch officers.
Thu Jan 31 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Feb 11 How three new freelances make a living
Mon Mar 11 "Dr. Brexit" advice session with Alison Stanley, Joint Head of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Team at Bindmans Solicitors
Mon Apr 08 Covering complex chaos: problems faced by writers and photographers
Thu Apr 25 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon May 13 How to make more money in specialist fields
Mon Jun 10 Ethical questions arising from using fixers
Mon Jul 08 Podcasting, it seems, is back
Thu Jul 25 Meeting for members new to freelancing
August No meeting
Wed Sep 04 An event with the Video Consortium
Mon Sep 09 Shorthand and transcription for fun and profit
Mon Oct 14 Helen Healy, Financial Times picture editor
Thu Oct 31 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Nov 11 Reporting religion, with the Religion Media Centre
Tue Nov 19 Another event with the Video Consortium
Mon Dec 09 A festive end-of-year party for freelances


Date Speaker/subject
Mon Jan 08 Annual General Meeting 2018: elects a new Committee. More notes on what it does here.
Thu Jan 25 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Feb 12 A data protection law update
Mon Mar 12 Where are the women political cartoonists?
Mon Apr 09 The issue of trust in journalism
Thu Apr 26 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon May 14 Whistleblowing journalist and campaigner Eileen Chubb
Mon Jun 11 Barrister Adrian Berry on your rights after Brexit and Claudia Delpero of Europe Street News
Mon Jul 09 NUJ General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet on the gender pay gap
Thu Jul 26 Meeting for members new to freelancing
August No meeting
Sun Aug 26 Workshop at the Byline festival
Mon Sep 10 Supporting journalists facing violence in Afghanistan and worldwide
Mon Oct 08 What's up with the Caircross Review of the media?
Thu Oct 25 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Nov 12 How can Artificial Intelligence help journalists?
Mon Dec 10 A Branch social event, at Headland House, with a celebrity guest.


Date Speaker/subject
Mon Jan 09 Annual General Meeting 2017: elected a new Committee. Notes on AGMs here.
Mon Feb 13 A life in crime (reporting): Duncan Campbell
Sat Mar 11 Being freelance in the age of precarious labour
Mon Mar 13 Post-Brexit ethics with Chris Frost, Hugo Dixon & Nicholas Jones
Mon Apr 10 Protecting your sources: advice from Mike Holderness and Merion Jones
Thu Apr 27 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon May 08 Sue Turton & Vaughan Smith on reporting safely from dangerous places
Mon Jun 12 Tax and National Insurance - what to do
Mon Jul 10 How did journalism manage to cover the election?
Thu Jul 13 Freelance Salon - report
Thu Jul 27 Meeting for members new to freelancing
August No meeting
Mon Sep 11 Earn money by diversifying - with photojournalist Jill Furmanovsky and copywriting trainer Jackie Barrie
Mon Oct 09 Protecting yourself against trauma, with Gavin Rees of Dart Centre Europe and Molly Clarke of the Rory Peck Trust
Thu Oct 26 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Mon Nov 13 Reinventing women's magazines and an indy mag service
Mon Dec 11 A Branch social event at NUJ HQ.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 11 Annual General Meeting: elected a new Committee.

Feb 08 World-famous cartoonist Steve Bell
Mar 14 General Secretary Michelle Stanistreet on where women stand in journalism
Apr 11 A panel of new members discussing what does, should, could and would it offer?
May 09 Duncan Campbell and Ross Anderson on the "Snoopers' Charter" & "tradecraft" to defend confidential sources
Jun 13 Uncovering the truth about undercovers - police spying on journalists and others, that is
Jul 11 Kiri Kankhwende of Media Diversified
August No meeting
Sep 12 Cassie Werber of Hacks Hackers London
Oct 10 John D. McHugh on new ways of selling photos
Oct 27 Meeting for members new to freelancing
Nov 14 How can co-operative working work for journalists?
Dec 12 A Branch social gathering


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 12 Annual General Meeting: elected a new Committee
Feb 09 Hunter Davies on a life in journalism
Mar 09 How to get commissions for BBC Radio 4
Apr 13 Mark Thomas &co challenging police files on them
May 11 Reporting properly on statistics with Susan Mayor
Jun 08 Crowdfund journalism - Peter Jukes & Martin Hickman
Jul 13 For fair contracts Meeting in Parliament
August No meeting
Sep 14 Dorothy Byrne, head of C4 News and Current Affairs
Oct 12 Branded content: what does it mean for freelances?
Nov 09 Philip Beresford on producing the Rich List
Dec 14 A Branch social event


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 13 Annual General Meeting: - elected Branch Committee
Feb 10 NHS "reform" or "privatisation"? Reporting the NHS
Mar 10 LinkedIn as a tool for journalism.
Apr 14 Political journalism: David Hencke & Adam Bienkov
May 12 "How I paid my mortgage by chasing internet sites who'd stolen my work"
Jun 09 Libel - what is the impact of the Defamation Act?
Jul 14 What to do when your copyright is infringed?
August No meeting
Sep 08 War Reporting - Then And Now
Oct 13 Where are the Black Minority Ethnic Journalists?
Nov 10 Can journalists make a living from ebooks?
Dec 08 A seasonal social event, at Headland House.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 14 Annual General Meeting: elected the Branch Committee
Feb 11 Biographies: how's that work, then?. with Claire Tomalin.
Mar 11 Is data journalism the new punk?
Apr 08 Martin Lewis founded with £100 and sold it for £18M; he gave us tips
May 13 A Branch discussion on "Leveson: what now?"
Jun 10 Gardening journalism. How to cultivate a career?
Jul 08 Paying just as much tax as you have to and Planning for those things you'd rather not think about
August No meeting
Sep 09 How to avoid being bamboozled by figures, and how to avoid bamboozling your readers on matters numerical
Oct 14 A "Pitch & Deal Show"
Nov 11 Everything a freelance needs to know about digital journalism, with Bill Goodwin
Dec 09 A seasonal social event, at Headland House.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 09 Annual General Meeting: elected the Branch Committee.
Feb 13 How to pitch proposals with Emily Bobrow, arts and books editor of The Economist.
Mar 12 Using social media
Apr 11 Special meeting: We met the Met about the Olympics.
Apr 16 Travel journalism with iPad travel publication TVRL and Kate Simon, until December Independent travel editor.
May 14 Gen. Sec. Michelle Stanistreet on the Leveson inquiry
Jun 11 Making money from a move online
Jul 09 Investigative journalism: how's that work?
August No meeting
Sep 10 Mandating the Delegate Meeting, er, delegation
Oct 08 Promoting yourself to get work & putting clips online
Nov 12 Meeting with the Creators' Rights Alliance in Parliament
Nov 17

New Ways to Make Journalism Pay conference.

Dec 10 A seasonal social event, with London Magazine Branch.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 10 Annual General Meeting
Feb 14 New ways to make the interwebs pay
Mar 14 The Olympics in London: can freelances get a sniff of the tight-as-a-gnat's-sphincter access?
Apr 11 New Ways to Make Journalism Pay - followup to last year's conference.
May 09 Debate at the House of Commons on the "Hargreaves Review" of copyright law
May 11 How reporting in conflict situations has developed with events in Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain...
Jun 13 Our Cashback for Interns campaign
Jul 11 Working for overseas publications - benefits/difficulties
August No meeting
Sep 12 Whistleblowing - and working with whisteblowers
Oct 10 Reform of defamation (libel and slander) law
Nov 14 Regulating the press: an intense meeting with Professor Natalie Fenton and solicitor Mark Lewis.
Dec 12 A seasonal social event


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 12 2010 Annual General Meeting
Feb 08 Co-own the means of production: follow-up to last month's successful New Ways to Make Journalism Pay conference...
Mar 08 Breaking through the broadcast boys' barrier
Apr 12 What about the workies? "Serial wagekillers"?
May 10 Tax, wholly and exclusively top tips
Jun 14 Stop and search - under what power? advice
Jul 12 Iain Overton, Bureau for Investigative Journalism
August No meeting
Sep 01 Is coalition government the end of spin? (PR branch)
Sep 13 Vigorously defend pensions!
Oct 11 Freedom of Information: think like a bureaucrat
Nov 08 Paywalls - will they work?
Dec 13 A seasonal Branch party.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 12 Journalism during a global financial crisis, and Annual General Meeting
Feb 04 Special: Nick Davies speaking on Flat Earth News
Feb 09 How to help yourself in difficult times, with Andrew Collins and the NUJ's charity
Mar 09 Watch your back - avoiding Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)
Apr 09 Stay out of legal trouble - law lecturer Tim Crooke
May 09 Fordidden zones - James Brabazon and Ramita Navai on reporting from areas where journalists are banned
Jun 08 Subbing matters - so ask for more
Jul 13 Your web presence - tips and pitfalls
August No meeting
Sep 14 Getting your book published
Oct 12 Finding work in non-traditional areas
Nov 09 Upping your rate and getting your money
Dec 14

A seasonal Branch party


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 14

The Branch's Annual General Meeting

Feb 11 Comment is free, but the truth costs

Mar 10 How this site can answer your questions
Apr 14 David Redfern: 'photographers must stick together'
May 12 Copyright matters at the House of Commons
Jun 09 Do we have company? Accountant Eric Longley spoke on reducing your tax.
Jul 14 Working in conflict zones Palestine woes
August No meeting
Sep 08 Rôle-plays of dealing with commissioning editors
Oct 13 Refugee reporting reflections
Nov 10 What photo book publishers want - with Dewi Lewis
Dec 08 Seasonal London Freelance Branch networking party.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 08 Our Annual General Meeting.
Feb 12 Reporting War
Mar 12 The proposed new Code of Conduct
Apr 16 Keeping information free Commons meeting
May 14 Successful mini-training on negotiation
Jun 11 The NUJ, past and future
Jul 09 summer networking party.
August No meeting
Sep 10 Tracking down internet "piracy" - written up in full in the Fees Guide
Oct 08

Motions from the Branch to Annual Delegate Meeting

Nov 12 Objectivity - with Steve Bell & Bruce Whitehead
Dec 10 A networking party


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 9 Annual General Meeting - elected the Committee.
Feb 13 An interactive session where members aired concerns
Mar 13 Debate with Brian Paddick of the Met at the Commons
Apr 10 Re: proposal Greg Neale's pitching plan
May 08 Copyright matters creating rights
Jun 12 Photographers: don't back down Sarah Gray of Magnum

Jul 10 We threw a Branch party and heard from Ukraine.
August No meeting
Sep 11 Using the Freedom of Information Act
Oct  9 What subs want! and how to get it
Nov 13 Photographers making money from stock photos?
Dec 11 A seasonal knees-up & presentation for Phil Sutcliffe.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 10 AGM: elected the Committee & see Annual Reports
Feb 14 How to be a music journalist - and get paid.
Mar 14 Journalists' safety training for hazardous assignments
Apr 11 Promoting yourself as a journalist online.
May 9 Sell it again, Sam syndication sagas
Jun 13 How G8 is spun & Public Order at the G8
Jul 11 Can badly-paid journalists be the guardians of a free press? Debate at the Commons
August No meeting
Sep 12 So you have a book in you. How to get it out?
Oct 10

Debates on the future of NUJ policy, and motions to improve it, to go to next year's Annual Delegate Meeting.

Nov 14 The citizen witness debate
Dec 12 Seasonal survival tips


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 12 Annual General Meeting, elected the Branch Committee
Feb 09 Sources of anxiety debate at the Commons
Feb 12 Meeting to debate the proposal for an NUJ Political Fund

Mar 08 Dealing with liability (or "lose your shirt") contract clauses
Apr 19 Equal pay and better pay
May 10 Andrew Bibby on a "Freelance Wellness" campaign
Jun 14 Organising as freelances
Jul 12 A social gathering
August No meeting
Sep 13 Supporting exiled journalists
Oct 11 Debate on proposals for union policy to Annual Delegate Meeting (ADM) in the Spring.

Nov 08 Putting pitching in perspective
Dec 13 A social gathering


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 13 Annual General Meeting: elected the new Committee.
Feb 10 Truth, war and what democracy? Parliamentary debate
Mar 10 How photographers retain rights & make a living

Apr 14 Travel writing - its part in changing the world
May 12 Meetings mean money - importance of being networked
May 20 (Tuesday) Special photographers' meeting
Jun 09 Training: We discussed what a freelance needs.
Jul 14 A social in a bar, welcoming Guy Smallman back.
August No meeting
Sep 08 Eric, accountant to the stars
Oct 13 New casual relationships
Nov 10 Dread inna Babylon report from Iraq
Dec 08 A social gathering...


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 14 Annual General Meeting - elected the Committee
Feb 11 Our debate - on copyright - at the House of Commons
Mar 11 Dealing with digital photography - Martin Beckett speaks
Apr 08 Bill Hayton & Marcus Covell on covering Genoa last year.
May 13 Surviving as a sub
Jun 10 Striking contrast - organising to improve low pay
Jul 08 Is it wise to register yourself as a limited company? Accountant Eric Longley provided an advance briefing
August No meeting
Sep 09 We are all online hacks now
Oct 14 Motions to next year's Annual Delegate Meeting
Nov 11 RSI - it's all about cannon balls on pogo sticks
Dec 09 Sources in peril Robin Ackroyd & Bill Goodwin spoke


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 8 Annual General Meeting, elected new Committee.
Feb 12 At the House of Commons on the Right to Report
Mar 12 Resumed AGM, and mandating the Branch delegation to Annual Delegate Meeting
Apr 09 Speaker and discussion on pensions
May 14 Andrew Collins being a renaissance freelance, and Pierre Vicary of the BBC World Service chapel.
Jun 11 We heard from the Edinburgh SNAP group (latest), and the Editorial Photo UK (EPUK) group.
Jul 09 We heard about international journalists' organising and the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ).
August No meeting
Sep 10 A showing of the Creators' Rights Alliance film.
Oct 08 We paid tribute to NUJ member Martin O'Hagan, murdered on 28 September. And heard of the case of Georgy Gongadze, murdered last September.
Nov 12 Simon Wollers on life and journalism in Cuba.
Dec 10 Cassian Harrison, director of the acclaimed Channel 4 programme Beneath the Veil, spoke about the difficulties and dangers of reporting from Afghanistan and similar countries. And Freelance Organiser John Toner spoke about employment rights for freelances.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 10 Annual General Meeting, elected a new Committee.
Feb 14 Freedom to Report: debate at the House of Commons.
Mar 13 Pitching packages to broadcasters, plus the Harry Stanley Campaign
Apr 10 Media megamergers moulding mores; plus Martin Bright of the Observer (and late of this Branch) on the "Shayler notes" case.
May 08 How to negotiate terms for online work?
Jun 12 How to make a profit (ethically) in finance journalism
Jul 10 Eric, Accountant to the Stars, got stuck in traffic...
Aug 21 Special meeting to take motions from abortive July meeting
Sep 11 Living and working with disabilities.
Oct 09 Motions for Annual Delegate Meeting 2001; introduced by Tim Gopsill on how NUJ internal democracy works.
Nov 13 How union re-recognition affect freelances
Dec 11 Laurie Flynn on investigative journalism.


Date Speaker/subject
Jan 11 Annual General Meeting
Feb 08 Media ownership: debate at the House of Commons.
Mar 08 We heard from Jim Flint, about the writing of his first novel Habitus; Roger Osborne about The Floating Egg.
Apr 12 Physio Bunny Martin gave us tips on how to stop RSI.
May 10 We got photographers at the sharp end in debate with a senior police officer. No writeup, but see here.
Jun 14 Fairness at Work: the Bill
Jul 12 An imaginative accountant brought us up to date on dealing with tax and we had a surprise speaker from Serbia.
August No meeting
Sep 13 A discussion on hanging on to union recognition, getting re-recognition, and the implications for freelances.
Oct 11 Humphrey Evans and Chris Wheal spoke on how to negotiate effectively with editors and clients. See here.
Nov 08 Debates on motions on union policy (preparing for the Annual Delegate Meeting).
Dec 13 Playwright Howard Brenton spoke about journalism and the theatre.