LFB activity plan for 2016

THE LONDON FREELANCE Branch Committee decided to do a new thing - for the first time, to be clear/concentrate minds etc, we'd write down a list of the activities we routinely do and others which are either newer proposals or simply suggestions.

So this is what the committee came up with - for members to suggest additional ideas which might be built in immediately or in the longer term. Please make your suggestions to any committee member - see here.

And yes, the plan has already happened a bit, but we were working on it from election in January. As you'll see, provision for a "rolling programme" running into next year is included in this plan - if it's felt to be worthwhile come the end of the year.

Action to include:

  1. Eleven branch meetings with either speakers or other main topics or Christmas party fun, these to be planned no less than three months in advance on a rolling programme, agenda to include work matters discussions etc.
  2. One further LFB Salon, topics and speakers to be decided including via input from branch meetings, tho in co-operation with Freelance Industrial Council.
  3. Four New Members Meetings to take place on the last Thursday of the month in January, April, July and October (all new members from previous 12 months invited, support by committee members and any other experienced freelance volunteers).
  4. One-off events (such as the showing of The Enemy Within in February 1 at Headland House).
  5. Publishing and publicising on the branch website chair Fi O'Cleirigh's paper on applying to LFB for donations recently written by the chair.
  6. Continuing to support committee member Richenda Power's work on analysing the branch's membership, particularly in the context of equality issues.
  7. Supporting training officer Pennie Quinton's proposal to conduct a training audit and, adding detail to the following derived from the audit and members' suggestions as applicable, work within the branch and the union to further improve training and the pricing of training needed by freelances and provided by the NUJ and/or the Federation Of Entertainment Unions.
  8. Supporting the equality officers Magda Ibrahim and Safiullah Tazib's development of a branch survey and pursuing possible actions arising.
  9. Supporting liaison with member Francesca Marchese's group of 90+ Italian journalists in London (committee member without portfolio Zaki Dogliani working on this with Francesca).
  10. Developing more branch activity, work, events, meetings specifically providing for LFB's hundreds of photographer members.
  11. Developing a publicity plan within committee, following discussion in branch, to improve links with LFB's 3861 members (February 2016) and encourage co-operative activity of whatever kind individuals and groups may want to organise and take part in with branch support as needed.
  12. Working on recruiting freelances to the union with a view to increasing branch numbers to 4000 - for instance, by devising and promoting a branch Recruitment Day on which every member would be urged to ask at least one non-union freelance to please consider joining.
  13. Developing a five-year plan for LFB activity as soon as possible in order to establish long-term objectives and continuity for the branch and a committee whose personnel changes somewhat every year (probably via the committee working with an outside facilitator, proposal to be developed by comm and discussed/decided by branch).
  14. Developing and extending all elements of this plan for 2016 with further suggestions from members via encouraging members to take part in and/or initiate their own freelance journo-related activities.
  15. Scheduling a review by LFB committee of the 1-year plan - including whether it's fundamentally worthwhile - in November 2016 with a view, if approved, to putting a draft to LFB AGM in January 2017 for discussion/amendment and approval or not (such draft to be on the website in advance).