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* Attention! - contact the NUJ before working for these
* Trireme Awards - for legendary stinginess
* The Gong - wake-up calls for late payers
 * advice from what to charge to how to collect it
 * suggested rates index of types of work
 * submit your rates in strict confidence
 * rules for the conduct of branch meetings etc
* TRAINING: London Freelance Branch courses
 * The absolutely basic guide to copyright and contrariwise:
 * Interest & penalty calculator - to bill clients who pay late
  * Collect-o-Matic - NUJ members seek help when clients are really recalcitrant

Archived information & campaigns

 * Low pay campaign selected information on disputes
 * Who killed Martin O'Hagan? in Northern Ireland 28/09/01
 * Briefing on copyright grabs & draft responses
 * The Owners database - who owned over 6000 titles
 * Computers & communications random FAQs including:
  * Viruses & virus warnings what should I do?
  * Choosing a computer er, print this for a technophobe...
 * Danger! Journalists at work! roundup of articles

The above is what the structure of the site might have been, had it been planned today and not grown over the years. Suggestions for improvement are welcome.

This is www. londonfreelance .org - of late the unofficial National Union of Journalists web presence. Maintained by London Freelance Branch, NUJ since 1995. The official www.nuj.org.uk was launched on 07/03/2002.

The NUJ is the world's largest journalists' union, with 35,000 members in England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland - and active branches in Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands.

It is affiliated to the TUC, and the GFTU in the UK. The NUJ is proud to be a part of the international labour movement and is affiliated to the International Federation of Journalists.

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