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The Media Owners originated as a side-effect of the Rate for the Job database. This, in turn, was a side-effect of the editor of the Freelance looking for a short-cut to avoid the tedious work of formatting rates information for print publication. The Freelance is the newsletter of London Freelance Branch of the National Union of Journalists and the editor is a working journalist elected by the Branch and paid for a very nominal twenty days a year.

So: it just growed - surprisingly quickly. What you see is the result of about five days' actual research, prompted by astonishment that the first day's pure curiosity covered the ownership of about half the 1700 entries then in tRftJ. (And rather more evenings of seriously obscure database scripting were involved.)

But developing and updating it will take time. The more time is available, the better and more up to date it'll be.

You can help by giving time and experience. When you find errors, don't just mutter but send corrections. Consider adopting a media owner and tracking it.

But, short of a massive effors in installing and adapting peer-to-peer Computer-Supported Co-operative Work software, incorporating such efforts into the database will still need time. Quite a lot of it.

To inquire about supporting The Media Owners, please send email.


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