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Updated: 2018-05-20

These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch. They are sorted by publisher/publication, then by date (most recent first). TIP: Use the "Find in page" command under your browser's "Edit" or "Search" menu to be sure of finding all occurrences of a publication/publisher. AND do note the year in which the rate was reported! See also the Freelance Fees Guide, which gives general recommendations. And read the disclaimer and the key to exactly what the entries mean.

^ Shifts / regional

Writing and editing work for regional newspapers, paid by the day or the hour. Mostly sub-editing: checking and proofreading copy and making it fit the house style and design. (Actual publication/programme names appear before publishers and generic rates. The 'extras' column is irrelevant for subbing shifts.)
See also national papers.

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Publication / Programme - details & terms Group Year currency Total paid GR
Basildon Evening Echo 7.5hrs subbing _NQ 2002 GBP 80 X
Belfast Telegraph sub shift _INM 2001 GBP 63 GR X
Belfast Telegraph subbing/ reporting shift _INM 2001 GBP 63
Castleford and Pontefract Express reporting day _Johnsto 2013 GBP 55 XXXX
Chichester Observer per hour - isn't this illegal? _Johnsto 2005 GBP 3.58 XXXX
City A.M. subbing day 2008 GBP 140 GR
Derby Telegraph Subbing day, 7.5hrs _LocalW 2016 GBP 100 GR
East Anglian Daily Times subbing day (7hrs) _ECN 2002 GBP 85
East Anglian Daily Times _ECN 2003 GBP 85
East London Advertiser subbing day _ECN 2008 GBP 100 XXX
Enfield Advertiser _SouthN 2001 GBP 100
Enfield Gazette subbing day _TMG 2002 GBP 120 X
Enfield Gazette reporting day _Tindle 2016 GBP 110
Enfield Gazette subbing day _TMG 2002 GBP 100 XX
Enfield Gazette 1999 GBP 90
Evening Standard editing day _Lebedev 2013 GBP 160 GR
Falkirk Herald reporting day: 8hrs with 30min lunch no expenses paid, not taxed at source _Johnsto 2013 GBP 81 XXX
Greenwich Times subbing half-day 1996 GBP 60
Irish News 6.5 hour subbing shift _Inews 2007 GBP 75 GR
Lancaster Evening Post eight hour subbing shift _RIM 2002 GBP 78 GR
Manchester Evening News subbing day _GMG 2004 GBP 93.42 GR
News + Star / Cumberland News, Carlisle 7.5 hour subbing day _Cumbria 2007 GBP 80 X
Northampton Chronicle & Echo news reporting day _Johnsto 2010 GBP 110 X
Oldham Advertiser (local free paper) subbing per day _GMG 2001 GBP 80
Oxford Times writing day _NQ 2010 GBP 100 XX
Sheffield Star picture research / desk shift _Johnsto 2006 GBP 65 X
Shropshire Star subbing or reporting day _MNA 2011 GBP 85 X
Solihull News subbing day, 7 hours _TMG 2013 GBP 100 GR X
South London Press layout, subbing and reporting day _Tindle 2012 GBP 100 X
South London Press reporting day no expenses _Tindle 2015 GBP 100 GR X
Southern Echo subbing day: princely 10% raise on 1989 rate and no extra for nights, Sundays or public holidays _NQ 2001 GBP 55 XX
Stratford Herald legal column, per day 2004 GBP 75 X
Sunday Life (Belfast) sub shift _INM 2001 GBP 63 GR X
The Clare People reporting per day _INM 2008 EUR 100
The Scotsman subbing day _Johnsto 2013 GBP 95 GR XX
The Wharf day subbing 10-6 work done early June & yet to be paid in November _TMG 2002 GBP 60 XX
The Wharf subbing shift 11-7pm still waiting end of Sept for work done in July _TMG 2004 GBP 130
Times Education Supplement Cymru (Wales) Reporting day no extra for Web use _TSL 2008 GBP 150
Wakefield Express reporting day _Johnsto 2013 GBP 55 XXXX
Wokingham Times subbing shift _GMG 2005 GBP 100 GR X
Yorkshire on Sunday subbing day 1993 GBP 70
Yorkshire Post subbing day _Johnsto 2013 GBP 95 GR
Yorkshire Post subbing 16:30 - 00:30 _Johnsto 2002 GBP 95 X
Archant local newspaper reporting day, exes paid _ECN 2007 GBP 85 X
Archant local papers news reporting shift _ECN 2008 GBP 85 XX
Archant local papers reporting day web use included _ECN 2008 GBP 85 XX
BBC news subbing day _BBC 2013 GBP 148 GR
Bradford Telegraph and Argus reporting day (turned down!) _NQ 2013 GBP 75 XXX
Clyde and Forth local papers in Berks/Bucks subbing day, for experienced subs _CF 2005 GBP 100
English regional newspaper reporting day (7.5hrs approx) _Johnsto 2013 GBP 100 XX
Guardian+Gazette series subbing day 1996 GBP 60
Local papers (Trinity Mirror Southern) subbing day _TMG 2002 GBP 110
Local papers 8 hours 1998 GBP 75
Media Wales (formerly Western Mail and Echo) seven-and-a-half hour subbing day (hour for lunch, unpaid) _TMG 2009 GBP 87 XX
NewsQuest reporting day _NQ 1998 GBP 90 X
NewsQuest local papers subbing day - unchanged since 2000 _NQ 2005 GBP 90 X
Northcliffe local papers subbing day _Assoc 2005 GBP 90 X
Reed Regional papers subbing day 1996 GBP 75
Sussex Newspapers subbing day _Johnsto 2013 GBP 80 GR XX
Trinity Mirror local papers subbing day _TMG 2005 GBP 90 X
unnamed local community magazine day shift of unspecified activity 2014 GBP 100
unnamed local community magazine day shift of unspecified activity 2014 GBP 100
Key to the rates, by column:
1 Publication / Programme, any details of work and licence
2 Owner at the time the rate was reported, where knownGroup
3 The year in which the rate was reportedYear
4 Currency: either GBP or EUR or (US) USDcurrency
5 Amount paid (total of basic licence and extra licences for web use, database resale...) Amount
7 "Going Rate" according to experienced NUJ members - do try to better it:  GR
or Minimum rate set out in NUJ House Agreement (more will be made soon):  HA
8 Underpaid, in the fallible opinion of the Freelance editor:GBP50X
or Just sometimes we're pleasantly surprised:EUR1500O

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