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Updated: 2018-08-27

These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch. They are sorted by publisher/publication, then by date (most recent first). TIP: Use the "Find in page" command under your browser's "Edit" or "Search" menu to be sure of finding all occurrences of a publication/publisher. AND do note the year in which the rate was reported! See also the Freelance Fees Guide, which gives general recommendations. And read the disclaimer and the key to exactly what the entries mean.

Words, other / news

Work for which we have no rate-per-thousand-words, whose primary use is in a national newspaper. See also regional papers.

If you are interested, the archived rates are here.

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Publication / Programme - details & terms Group Year currency Total paid GR
i newspaper around 500 word sports interview with major official _Johnsto 2017 GBP 90.00 GR XX
Christian Science Monitor 900 word web piece @ $300 = 2017 USD 333.00
Daily Mail Max Hastings column, each (according to Private Eye) - _Assoc 2018 GBP 3000.00
Daily Mail Real Life piece, £1000 for 1800 words FBSR _Assoc 2010 GBP 556.00 O
Daily Mail feature FBS _Assoc 2007 GBP 1800.00 GR
Daily Mail Online article, length unspecified _Assoc 2016 GBP 350.00
El Mundo per online piece of any length 2015 GBP 35.00 XXX
Evening Standard live concert review _Lebedev 2010 GBP 140.00 X
Evening Standard comment/news piece _EPL 2009 GBP 500.00
Evening Standard - ES magazine per page _Assoc 1998 GBP 450.00
Financial Times feature FBS _Pearson 2005 GBP 400.00
Guardian page for education section, extra online material _GMG 2012 GBP 500.00
i newspaper sports feature 900 words around - _Johnsto 2018 GBP 110.00
i newspaper match report 800 words not football - _Johnsto 2018 GBP 100.00
i newspaper small exclusive for sports pages, not football - _Johnsto 2018 GBP 130.00
i newspaper 400-word quotes-led sports story from foreign capital @ £60 = _Johnsto 2017 GBP 150.00
i newspaper sports news writing (website only) _Johnsto 2017 GBP 50.00 GR
i newspaper Press conference write-up FBS _Johnsto 2017 GBP 100.00 GR
i newspaper 370-word sports piece, negotiated up from £80 FBS _Johnsto 2017 GBP 90.00
Irish Examiner book review FBS _Crosbie 2013 EUR 125.00 GR X
Irish Independent online column _INM 2012 EUR 90.00
Irish Sunday Times 300 words news report @ £100 First Irish Serial + web _NI 2013 EUR 333.33
Irish Times The Irishwoman's Diary _ITtrust 2005 EUR 120.00
Irish Times 400 word book review _ITtrust 2004 EUR 220.00 O
Mail on Sunday news story _Assoc 2016 GBP 200.00
Mail On Sunday page lead news story _Assoc 2015 GBP 500.00 O
Mail on Sunday kill fee for news story _Assoc 2010 GBP 350.00
Mail on Sunday £2500 agreed, story spiked, all expenses paid plus kill fee, after negotiation, of _Assoc 2009 GBP 2000.00
Mail on Sunday Assistance with page 1 lead _Assoc 2000 GBP 500.00
Mail on Sunday Analysis spread _Assoc 1997 GBP 1600.00
Mail online 'real life' story - made lead on femail second UK serial rights _Assoc 2014 GBP 40.00 GR X
Metro travel piece: 900 words including boxes, plus photos. Editor: "Look, we know it's not much but how do you think we manage to put out a free paper?" Member: "No way." _Assoc 2008 GBP 150.00 XXXX
Metro 250-wd arts previews licence not known _Assoc 2007 GBP 37.50 X
Miami Herald newsy feature from Venezuela , no exes paid, worldwide licence sought before publisher would use copy. 2009 USD 250.00 XXX
Mirror Ticket feature 750 - 1200 words FBS _TMG 2006 GBP 350.00
News of the World page lead mid-paper _NI 2010 GBP 500.00
News of the World story research _NI 2009 GBP 200.00 GR
News of the World spread _NI 1996 GBP 3500.00
Observer Celebrity Q+A - _GMG 2018 GBP 250.00
Politiken (Denmark) 750 word news piece - filed in English 2003 EUR 300.00
Scottish Sun online Copy (length unspecified) _NI 2017 GBP 35.00 X(?)
Singtao EU (Hong-Kong based newspaper) articles of unspecified length, between £30 and £100 per article 2012 GBP 100.00 X
Sun on Sunday Page lead - _NI 2018 GBP 500.00
Sun exclusive page lead inside (same rate as 1989!) _NI 2017 GBP 950.00
Sun p7 page lead (exclusive) _NI 2013 GBP 950.00
Sun "small page lead" story, worcount not specified _NI 2011 GBP 500.00 O
Sunday Mirror True-life feature - first newspaper rights only, once only print and online; exclusive for one week _TMG 2018 GBP 2000.00 O
Sunday Mirror Real Life dougle-page spread - _TMG 2018 GBP 1500.00
Sunday Mirror Real Life page - _TMG 2018 GBP 750.00
Sunday Mirror news piece, length unspecified _TMG 2015 GBP 250.00
Sunday Mirror page lead _TMG 1998 GBP 750.00
Sunday Telegraph 400 word story spiked then refreshed and used following week all rights _BarcB 2009 GBP 300.00 GR
Sunday Times (Scotland) column _NI 2000 GBP 250.00
Sunday Times page lead news story with shared by-line - _NI 2018 GBP 300.00
Sunday Times kill fee for 1200 words commissioned _NI 2010 GBP 150.00
Telegraph Real Life / "one day" - _BarcB 2018 GBP 200.00
Telegraph page lead (no length) _BarcB 2014 GBP 110.00 Y
Telegraph page lead (no length) _BarcB 2014 GBP 110.00 Y
Telegraph revision of two existing articles on Greek islands, generation of new destinations for use in Saturday print supplement, and online in perpetuity _BarcB 2013 GBP 2000.00 O
Telegraph reviews - commissioners trying to cut rate to £60 _BarcB 2009 GBP 100.00
Telegraph 900-word feature, rate is reduction from 2007 incl. web use _BarcB 2008 GBP 300.00 XX
Telegraph magazine - money section 1200-word celeb interview @ £400 = _BarcB 2014 GBP 333.00 XX
Telegraph magazine - money section 1200-word celeb interview @ £400 = _BarcB 2014 GBP 333.00 XX
The Daily Telegraph news story from abroad (size, placement unspecified) _BarcB 2017 GBP 60.00 GR XXX
The National, The Arab Weekly (Abu Dhabi Media) columns, 950 words @ $400 = 2015 USD 421.00
The People page 17 lead, weird foreign Web included _TMG 2014 GBP 1000.00
The People page 17 lead, weird foreign Web included _TMG 2014 GBP 1000.00
The People page 17 lead, weird foreign Web included _TMG 2014 GBP 1000.00
The Stage 250 word overnight review @ £20 = 2017 GBP 80.00 XXXX
The Sun news piece, length unspecified _NI 2015 GBP 100.00
The Sun feature spread _NI 2015 GBP 1500.00 O
Times 650 words @ £ 117 = _NI 2017 GBP 180.00 XXXX
Times front page story _NI 2017 GBP 233.00 GR XXXX
Times 325 words @ £117 = _NI 2017 GBP 360.00 GR X
Times 20 x 100-word listings plus picture research _NI 2013 GBP 400.00
Times 120-word album, DVD, film reviews _NI 2008 GBP 50.00 X
Times 80-word album reviews, Sounds section _NI 2008 GBP 40.00 X
Times 450-500-word book reviews, Books sec, Sat ed _NI 2008 GBP 150.00
Times arts feature: for anything between 800-1200 words. no licence terms discussed _NI 2006 GBP 350.00
Vice UK research for feature 2016 GBP 200.00
A serious Irish newspaper 300 - 400 word property reviews 2015 EUR 150.00 GR
BBC News Online 750 words plus 5 original photos _BBC 2012 GBP 216.00
BBC News Online 800 words on G8/G20 summit , £63 extra for pix , terms not discussed _BBC 2010 GBP 150.00
BBC News Online 350 word news story, includes pix , terms not discussed _BBC 2010 GBP 100.00
BBC News website feature, 3500 words, "about six weeks' work" _BBC 2015 GBP 350.00 XXX
BBC World Service website per article _BBC 2015 GBP 50.00 XX
Mail online news piece, length unspecified _Assoc 2015 GBP 80.00
PA sport match report 50-75 pounds _PA 2007 GBP 50.00 XX
PA sport night lead (600-800 words) pathetic _PA 2007 GBP 50.00 XXX
RTE online/teletext film review _RTE 2006 EUR 51.00 GR
unnamed Irish tabloid Central America news story talked up from "recession price" of Euro 180 offered, same paper offered Euro 500 two years ago 2010 EUR 250.00
Key to the rates, by column:
1 Publication / Programme, any details of work and licence
2 Owner at the time the rate was reported, where knownGroup
3 The year in which the rate was reportedYear
4 Currency: either GBP or EUR or (US) USDcurrency
5 Amount paid (total of basic licence and extra licences for web use, database resale...) Amount
7 "Going Rate" according to experienced NUJ members - do try to better it:  GR
or Minimum rate set out in NUJ House Agreement:  HA
8 Underpaid, in the fallible opinion of the Freelance editor:GBP50.00X
or Just sometimes we're pleasantly surprised:EUR1500.00O

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