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Updated: 2019-01-22

These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch. They are sorted by publisher/publication, then by date (most recent first). TIP: Use the "Find in page" command under your browser's "Edit" or "Search" menu to be sure of finding all occurrences of a publication/publisher. AND do note the year in which the rate was reported! See also the Freelance Fees Guide, which gives general recommendations. And read the disclaimer and the key to exactly what the entries mean.

Words, other / online

In August 2012 we moved rates for online editions of newspapers and magazines into the 'news' or 'mags' listings.

* Tell us what you've been paid for Words, other / online * Freelance Fees Guide
Publication / Programme - details & terms Group Year currency Total paid GR
BMJ Learning online learning all-rights grab 2011 GBP 1500.00 X
Cycling Weekly Online Writing All rights _AOLTW 2015 GBP 60.00 XX
Debut features, 600-900 words, on topics expected to help university students or graduates, picture research expected 2019 GBP 25.00 XXX
Eurogamer online review of long computer game, unspecified length, works out at 75p an hour 2013 GBP 120.00 XX^9
Fair Play 100-180 words NIBs _Informa 2005 GBP 15.00 XX
Forbes Travel Guide monthly retainer for 14 short stories online all rights 2013 USD 250.00 XX
Guardian education piece online by teacher, 700 words _GMG 2017 GBP 0.00 GR XXXX
Hip Hop Connection 100-word album reviews 2008 GBP 15.00 X
Huck Magazine Feature: personal meeting in London, 4-5hr write-up 2016 GBP 90.00 GR
IRIN 400-word profile and one picture, first world electronic rights 2019 USD 280.00 GR
Local Secrets website 600-800 word feature, plus photos 2014 GBP 15.00 GR XXXX
Local Secrets website 600-800 word feature, plus photos 2014 GBP 15.00 GR XXXX
Londonist (LDN Creative Ltd) features including research, sometimes original quotes 2014 GBP 50.00 GR XXX
New Statesman traditional blog post _Progres 2017 GBP 50.00
Pitchfork Op-Ed with a little reporting, regardless of word count Work For Hire - US for "all rights" & worse 2015 USD 150.00
SkyscannerS travel features approx. 2000 words 2017 GBP 200.00 GR
Telegraph comment, 500 words @ £50 = _BarcB 2016 GBP 100.00 XXXX
The Content Standard one article (no word limit) - 2018 USD 200.00
The culture trip research, writing in to WordPress, photo gathering and crediting (time-consuming per piece!) 2017 USD 70.00 X
The Malcontent 500-1000-word feature limited online usage only, no copyright grab 2015 GBP 300.00
The Malcontent per 500-800 word piece no rights grab, 3-6 months licence, fee negotiable from 2015 GBP 200.00
Urban Junkies around 120-250 words per piece for newsletters 2006 GBP 40.00 GR
Yahoo Live review 4-500 words all rights _Yahoo 2008 GBP 40.00 GR XXXX
Al Jazeera English online 3000 words - overwrote! 2012 GBP 212.00
Al Jazeera online Comment/feature 2011 USD 350.00
allmusic.com album review 100 words upwards 2009 USD 17.00 XXX
AOL UK 500 words + 10 images _AOLTW 2009 GBP 200.00
Arts council Birmingham website 1500 words with pics licensed web only _HMG 2008 GBP 150.00
BBC Online 500 words plus pix _BBC 2017 GBP 250.00
BBC Travel (new) destination pieces, 450-650 words all rights, non-negotiable _BBC 2010 GBP 220.00 XX
BBC website 150-wd reviews for Collective website all rights _BBC 2007 GBP 37.50
Buzzfeed purchase of rights to pre-existing research for article 2015 GBP 200.00
Choose.net Consumer news writing, per piece, no exes all rights 2015 GBP 30.00 GR XXX
CNET.com 5 x 500-word articles _CBS 2013 GBP 800.00
culturenorthernireland.org 850 word feature and photos no licence mentioned _HMG 2006 GBP 50.00 XXXX
dotmusic.com 400-word gig reviews _Yahoo 2008 GBP 40.00 XXX
EasyJet website Regular 400 word city guides all rights _Ink 2015 GBP 42.00 GR XXXX
eHow.com factual researched how-to articles of approx 500 words no expenses, all rights _Demand 2013 USD 25.00 GR XXX
ElectricNews.net (enn.ie) offered for reporting on a 5 hour long (televised) event:čone general story and one interview - obviously member refused. GBP14 per story is not acceptable. 2006 EUR 40.00 XXXX
Engadget (tech blog) per blog post _AOLTW 2010 USD 15.00 GR
ENN.ie (Electric News Network) feature 2005 EUR 160.00 GR
Epolitix.com attending fringe meeting and writing 300-400 word report 2010 GBP 25.00
ExaroNews.com 600 words , terms "all in" 2011 GBP 250.00
Goal.com 800 words, plus two pics from a soccer tournament in Oslo: offer declined 2013 GBP 50.00 XX
Incisive Media news reports averaging 300-350 words, regardless of time, location and research involved terms unclear _IncisiM 2016 GBP 12.50 GR X
Local Secrets website weekly article 350 words + photo 2010 GBP 25.00 XXXX
MentalHealthy.co.uk (formerly Uncovered Mag) 300-500 word stories with stock images all rights 2012 GBP 6.50 GR XXXX
msnbc.com re-writing captions text and hyperlinks for interactive newsfile, original copy 2000 words: US$1000 in Nov 2002 taxed at source; full international rights to msnbc.com _NBC 2005 GBP 639.00 X
Octopus Travel guides online 7000 to 10,000-word travel guide 2007 GBP 200.00 XXXX
Online design mag 80 to 200 words 2006 EUR 30.00
Online gift/novelty catalogue 400 product descriptions (approx 60 words each) 2008 GBP 1550.00
Online government publication short (up to 500 words) articles for financial section of government website, paid per day assuming 1.5 articles per day; copyright demanded, not taxed at source _HMG 2004 GBP 300.00
Only Group webpages 400 word articles (minimum 100 articles/month) other 2008 GBP 9.52 XXXX
Open Democracy report/comment pieces @ 800-1500 words No expenses. Not taxed at source. _Ocean 2011 GBP 0.00 XXXX
Parallax News International news/analysis 4 articles a month for $500 online 2016 USD 125.00
Pocket-lint.com Online features: min 500 words, typically 1000+ with 5/6 photos All rights, no expenses 2009 GBP 50.00 GR XXXX
Record Of The Day 400 words online opinion 2010 GBP 70.00 X
Rock Paper Shotgun (PC games website) review of long computer game, works out at 75p an hour 2013 GBP 100.00 XX^9
RTE.ie/Aertel (teletext) 90 word teletext soccer report + minimum 300 word online report + phone in goals/red cards etc as they happen it appears you sign away all future rights when signing their contributor form _RTE 2011 EUR 42.31 GR XXX
Sonicboomers website website reuse of old print features, paid per piece non-exclusive, no time limit 2008 USD 250.00 GR
Telecoms company technical author with experience of mobile services - Bradford - per hour (from contractoruk.com) 2006 GBP 35.00
Telecoms company technical author with experience of mobile services - Basingstoke - per hour (from contractoruk.com) 2006 GBP 35.00
The Vinyl Factory 1500 word interview feature 2017 GBP 150.00 GR
thenewblackmagazine.com 350 - 600 words 2012 GBP 200.00
Time Team website piece _C4 2008 GBP 250.00
Unique Broadcasting (as subcontractors for BBC) 300-350-word album reviews , all rights _BBC 2009 GBP 50.00 X
Unnamed client Composing and sending six Tweets while covering all-day event 2012 GBP 100.00 O
Unnamed digital magazine 4-6 pieces per month of 1000 words each, monthly rate, travel costs also paid 2016 GBP 1500.00
unnamed online title 500-700 words all rights 2010 GBP 200.00 X
Wales Tourist Board writing web content - Cardiff - per hour (from gisajob.com) _HMG 2006 GBP 25.00
Website (unnamed) writing and editing per 300 words 2015 GBP 30.00
Wikio Experts blogging , All Rights 2011 EUR 16.00 GR XXXX
Work for "content agency" / search engine optimisation Writing 600 to 800 words and pic research and provision for "content agency" (work turned down, wouldn't negotiate) 2016 GBP 60.00
World Travel Guide (Columbus Travel Media) travel feature all rights 2013 GBP 200.00
www.e-tid.com 10 hours per week over four days reporting; writing; web editing per hour 2013 GBP 25.00 GR
www.fool.co.uk 500 word financial article. 2003 GBP 70.00 X
Yahoo singles reviews 100-150 words each, batches of 8 at a time all rights _Yahoo 2008 GBP 10.00 GR XXXX
Yahoo album review 400-500 words all rights _Yahoo 2008 GBP 30.00 GR XXXX
Key to the rates, by column:
1 Publication / Programme, any details of work and licence
2 Owner at the time the rate was reported, where knownGroup
3 The year in which the rate was reportedYear
4 Currency: either GBP or EUR or (US) USDcurrency
5 Amount paid (total of basic licence and extra licences for web use, database resale...) Amount
7 "Going Rate" according to experienced NUJ members - do try to better it:  GR
or Minimum rate set out in NUJ House Agreement:  HA
8 Underpaid, in the fallible opinion of the Freelance editor:GBP50.00X
or Just sometimes we're pleasantly surprised:EUR1500.00O

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