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Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT)

Strictly speaking, the holding company is the Daily Mail and General Trust. Perhaps it's newspaper nostalgia that makes us call it 'Associated', which is strictly speaking its national newspaper subsidiary. The regional press subsidiary is properly called Northcliffe.

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Advice on Associated's rights-grab letter

What does Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT) do?

Follow the link below to see the publications, radio and TV channels and major websites that Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT) runs directly.

* Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT) titles, channels, etc

Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT) website

What does Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT) have to say for itself? Visit its corporate website - the one with real information for money people, not the one for punters - linked below.

* Daily Mail and General Trust corporate website

Who owns Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT)?
What else does it have a stake in?

Below is information gathered up to 2014-08-19 on shareholdings in and by this media owner.

Known media shareholdings - click ? to email the informant
2009_01: _Assoc held a 24.9% stake in _EPL [source? 2
2003_01: _Assoc held a 20% stake in _ITN [source? 3
2000_07: _Assoc held a 16% stake in _PA [source? 4

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
2014_03 Lost in the Mail claims for online use [Freelance]
2013_04 The Trireme Mail online [Freelance]
2013_01 Twitter pictures in spotlight following helicopter crash [Guardian]
2013_01 Links in chains Irish newspapers in quoting row [Freelance]
2011_06 Two hours is a long time in photojournalism [Freelance]
2008_12 Oh, the ironing! Mail's late-payment campaign [Freelance]
2008_09 Associated Newspapers contracts, please [Freelance]
2008_02 Ac-cred-i-tate! Northcliffe's odd charge [Freelance]
2007_02 Evening Standard rights grab members get in touch [Freelance]
2007_02 Mail on Sunday - payment when? members get in touch [Freelance]
2006_05 Nailing Northcliffe Bristol bonding [Freelance]
2006_03 Northcliffe over the edge [Freelance]
2006_01 Greed's the word Bristol resists - protest 20/12/2005 [Freelance]
2005_12 Bristle con pain Northcliffe protest 06/12/05 [Freelance]
2005_12 Go West Country! Northcliffe campaign soars [Freelance]
2005_10 Bristol call [Freelance]
2004_04 Fonda fake furore [Freelance]
2004_03 Photo of Kerry with Fonda was manipulated Corbis to sue? [Guardian]
2003_04 Euromoney? get in touch [Freelance]
2002_12 Associated cancels Xmas in Dublin [Freelance]
2002_12 Not going into the firing line? You're fired! [Freelance]
2001_12 Cheapskates [Freelance]
2000_08 Authors' Rights for all rights-grabs & the Summit [Freelance]
2000_07 Briefing on new copyright grabs Mail, Standard, FT and Economist [Freelance]
2000_07 Sample response to copyright grabs just say "no" [Freelance]
1996_05 Standard loses bottle manipulates Prescott photo [Freelance]

Information on this owner is maintained by who will be pleased to receive information about Associated / Northcliffe (DMGT) but cannot guarantee to answer questions. Let us know if you have ownership information or can help support this research, or if you can correct the ownership of a title

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