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The BBC is in the NUJ's sights over its sharp dealings with freelance members' rights. Working with an unprecedented range of other creators' organisations, the NUJ has launched the Creators' Rights Alliance, focusing on broadcasting corporations.

The BBC is a 'public corporation': neither a private corporation nor a government department. The high ideal is that it is held in trust for the public of the UK by the BBC Trust (the successor to the Board of Governors following the renewal of the BBC Charter by the government in 2006). For more see its 'corporate information' pages linked below.

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A joint unions' campaign at the BBC

About the Creators' Rights Alliance

What does BBC do?

Follow the link below to see the publications, radio and TV channels and major websites that BBC runs directly.

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BBC website

What does BBC have to say for itself? Visit its corporate website - the one with real information for money people, not the one for punters - linked below.

* 'BBC corporate information'

Who owns BBC?
What else does it have a stake in?

Below is information gathered up to 2014-08-19 on shareholdings in and by this media owner.

Known media shareholdings - click ? to email the informant
2003_05: _BBC held a significant stake in _Freeviw [source? 2
2000_07: _BBC held a 50% stake in _UKTV [source? 3

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
2014_08 The future of the BBC meeting 14/07/14 [Freelance]
2014_08 Copyright internationally back at WIPO in Geneva [Freelance]
2014_04 BBC Talent Pool training offer deadline 10/04/14 [Freelance]
2013_10 BBC Payment Portal pops up 14/10/13 [Freelance]
2013_04 BBC strike action 28/03/13 [Freelance]
2013_03 BBC working to rule, striking 15/02/13 and 18/02/13 [Freelance]
2013_02 BBC freelances: have lunch on the NUJ... 13/02/13 [Freelance]
2012_11 BBC freelances: lunch on the NUJ and organise 05/12/12 [Freelance]
2012_07 FEU alternative to BBC cuts debate Parliament, 10/07/12 [Freelance]
2012_04 Judicial Rewiew for Jason (and the BBC and ITN and...) [Freelance]
2011_09 More strike news: Cheshire, Merseyside... 05-06/10/11 [Freelance]
2011_08 BBC rates rise [Freelance]
2011_08 S Yorkshire Times & BBC to strike from 01/08/11 [Freelance]
2010_12 BBC dispute resolved for now [Freelance]
2010_11 BBC strike 15-16/11 suspended [Freelance]
2010_10 BBC strikes over pensions postponed - check dates [Freelance]
2010_08 Watch for BBC news strike plans? [Freelance]
2010_01 BBC snapper's terrorism police stop [Freelance]
2009_09 A lone stand against rights grabs [Freelance]
2009_09 Do BBC websites pay for photos or not? [Freelance]
2008_07 World Service under threat [Freelance]
2008_07 Save the BBC! and also C4 and ITV... [Freelance]
2008_03 Calling BBC freelances! demand representation [Freelance]
2008_02 Alan's free: are the media? new! audio reports [Freelance]
2008_02 Calling BBC freelances! demand recognition [Freelance]
2008_01 No talking on the bus please, we're freelance [Freelance]
2008_01 BBC alert strike imminent? [Freelance]
2007_12 BBC petition vexation without representation! [Freelance]
2007_11 We want recognition at the BBC 05/11/07 meeting for BBC freelances [Freelance]
2007_07 Like convergence, touched for the very first time [Freelance]
2007_07 £27k from © chasing [Freelance]
2007_04 BBC strike suspended [Freelance]
2006_10 Annual talks on BBC Talks radio agreement [Freelance]
2006_09 BBC consultation over radio shifts agreement [Freelance]
2006_08 No hedgehogs please... perils of BBC privatisation [Freelance]
2006_06 The pitiful slaves of showbiz Libby Purves comment [Times]
2006_01 Radio freelances 'strike' [Freelance]
2005_12 It's good to talk deals'r'us [Freelance]
2005_12 Free love, fair dealing debate on "citizen witness" reporting [Freelance]
2005_11 Citizen can notes for a debate 14/11/05 [Freelance]
2005_10 New BBC radio features rate [Freelance]
2005_10 NUJ condemns police raid to grab tapes after G8 "Carnival for full enjoyment" unmasked [NUJ]
2005_09 Citizen hack? diversity and dangers [Freelance]
2005_09 Is Auntie fair to you? tell us if the BBC's bad to you [Freelance]
2005_07 To educate, inform and entertain [Freelance]
2005_07 All together at the BBC [Freelance]
2005_07 Day of action gets results [Freelance]
2005_06 BBC strike postponed no longer 31 May/1 June [Freelance]
2005_06 It's our day of action Tuesday 7 June [Freelance]
2005_06 Radio rewards [Freelance]
2005_04 The Gong BBC Online times out [Freelance]
2004_10 BBC rates rise [Freelance]
2004_09 Call to support Greek strikers [Freelance]
2004_05 CRA submission to BBC Charter Review [CRA]
2004_05 Defend the BBC! Send your Charter Review responses [Freelance]
2004_05 OFCOM Public Service Broadcasting review NUJ submission [NUJ]
2004_04 Reinstate Abdul and Adli picket 19/02/04 [Freelance]
2004_04 Fiction's flexible friends How the other half live [Freelance]
2004_03 BBC in need [Freelance]
2004_03 Vigorously defend the BBC's independence! demos 05/02 [Freelance]
2004_03 Dennis Bardens [Freelance]
2004_03 We're winning on rights not quite there, but advancing [Freelance]
2004_01 London calling do the BBC survey [Freelance]
2003_12 BBC and Creators - What Future? seminar report [Freelance]
2003_12 The Beeb front do that survey please! [Freelance]
2003_11 Still out but not down support Abdul & Adli [Freelance]
2003_11 BBC caught in its Worldwide web CRA conference [Observer]
2003_10 The BBC respects rights The BBC has always respected rights... [Freelance]
2003_10 BBC and Creators - What Future? seminar 21/10/03 [Freelance]
2003_09 BBC freelances, tell us... do this survey now, please [Freelance]
2003_09 Out but not down Abdul & Adli confront Dyke [Freelance]
2003_08 LETTER State of © Play [Freelance]
2003_06 Support Abdul and Adli against BBC's peremptory dismissal [Freelance]
2003_06 AirNet stops that flyaway feeling broadcasters network now [Freelance]
2003_04 'The media is reality' war coverage notes [Freelance]
2003_03 Music stars urged to claim royalties [BBC]
2002_12 Auntie's agony over? BBC agreement near [Freelance]
2002_10 TV tomes [Freelance]
2002_07 Radio gaga Radio journalists, it's time to get together and talk [Freelance]
2002_07 Terms tested members keep their work [Freelance]
2002_05 Grab your rights, before someone else does CRA conference [Freelance]
2002_05 For those in peril... reporting in Palestine [Freelance]
2002_03 Tips for survival in war zones Cassian Harrison at LFB [Freelance]
2002_01 Beeb stick with snatch of the day [Freelance]
2002_01 AD Creators Have Rights video [Freelance]
2001_09 Talks open over BBC Worldwide photo terms [Freelance]
2001_06 Auntie coughs up at the World Service [Freelance]
2001_04 Creators' organisations unite now more hard work [Freelance]
2001_03 Battling for Creative Rights conference 14 March [Freelance]
2001_01 Rights-grab resistance roundup and contacts [Freelance]
2000_08 Authors' Rights for all rights-grabs & the Summit [Freelance]
2000_05 Now, northern network Broadcasters launch online Northern Freelance network [Freelance]
2000_03 Déja vu again idea-ripoff reports needed [Freelance]
2000_03 Northern freelances get results Abramsky backtracks on metropolitanisation [Freelance]
2000_01 All together to tame the Beeb NUJ has teamed up with other unions to challenge the BBC over its attitude to copyright. [Freelance]
2000_01 Northward Ho! Broadcast freelances organise in the North of England [Freelance]
1998_07 Some forgotten corner of a foreign field? why moral rights could be a matter of life and death [Freelance]

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