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Johnston Press plc

Rapidly-expanding regional press group. A startling High Court ruling on 15 May 2010 held that Johnston does not employ any journalists: they're all (pending appeal) working for individual, arguably shell, companies.

The information on this page is almost certainly incomplete, but investigating Johnston Press plc is a research priority. You are very welcome to send additional information.

Low pay campaign 2002

What does Johnston Press plc do?

We're developing a full list of publications, radio and TV channels and websites directly run by Johnston Press plc. Follow the link below to see those we've documented so far.

* Johnston Press plc titles, channels, etc

Johnston Press plc website

What does Johnston Press plc have to say for itself? Visit its corporate website - the one with real information for money people, not the one for punters - linked below.

* Company website

Who owns Johnston Press plc?
What else does it have a stake in?

Below is information gathered up to 2014-08-19 on shareholdings in and by this media owner.

Known media shareholdings - click ? to email the informant
2000_07: _Johnsto held a small stake in _PA [source? 2
2003_02: _Johnsto held a 100% stake in _RIM [source? 3

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
2014_06 How I paid my mortgage by chasing copyright thieves report [Freelance]
2013_06 Friends with benefits? paper plug pals [Freelance]
2011_09 More strike news: Cheshire, Merseyside... 05-06/10/11 [Freelance]
2011_08 LETTER Enfield agreement [Freelance]
2011_08 S Yorkshire Times & BBC to strike from 01/08/11 [Freelance]
2010_07 Headline TK TK Johnston fails to put some stuff here [Freelance]
2010_06 Watch for Johnston strikettes [Freelance]
2010_05 Strikes: Scarborough & Whitby 30/04/10 - watch for more [Freelance]
2010_04 Watch for Johnston strikes [Freelance]
2009_12 Johnston Press starts charging for online local news [BBC]
2009_09 The Trireme Award Chronicle and Echo [Freelance]
2009_04 Yorkshire Post action dates daily from 20/03/09 [Freelance]
2009_03 Yorkshire Post on strike from 19/02/09 [Freelance]
2008_10 Messages of support... Sheffield & Midlands papers [Freelance]
2008_02 Citizen journalism Milton Keynes has strikes to 07/02/08 [Freelance]
2007_09 Trireme Award Johnston Press papers [Freelance]
2007_07 Like convergence, touched for the very first time [Freelance]
2006_12 Copyright grab alert Johnston Press [Freelance]
2006_09 Pay battle moves to S Yorks strike 12-18-19/07/06 [Freelance]
2006_07 Leeds alert balloting now [Freelance]
2006_05 Yellow card for White Rose Yorkshire alert [Freelance]
2004_07 Less trouble at t'mill Blackpool strike suspended [Freelance]
2002_07 Action blooms in Spalding LFB ventures out of Town [Freelance]

Information on this owner is maintained by who will be pleased to receive information about Johnston Press plc but cannot guarantee to answer questions. Let us know if you have ownership information or can help support this research, or if you can correct the ownership of a title

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