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News International (Murdoch)

Rupert Murdoch's interests. Strictly NewsCorp. In April 2004 announced it'd move its base from Australia to the US, following the big man's move of citizenship to be able to buy the New York Daily Post

Controversy erupted in the summer of 2010 over plans to acquire a 100% stake in broadcaster BSkyB.

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What does News International (Murdoch) do?

Follow the link below to see the publications, radio and TV channels and major websites that News International (Murdoch) runs directly.

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News International (Murdoch) website

What does News International (Murdoch) have to say for itself? Visit its corporate website - the one with real information for money people, not the one for punters - linked below.

* NI corporate website

Who owns News International (Murdoch)?
What else does it have a stake in?

Below is information gathered up to 2014-08-19 on shareholdings in and by this media owner.

Known media shareholdings - click ? to email the informant
2006_11: _NI held a 39% stake in _BSkyB [source? 2
2007_07: _NI held a 12.5% stake in _Economi [source? 3
2003_05: _NI held a 80.6% stake in _Fox [source? 4
2003_05: _NI held a significant stake in _Freeviw [source? 5
2000_07: _NI held a ??% stake in _LineOne [source? 6
2000_07: _NI held a 17% stake in _PA [source? 7
2007_07: _NI held a 50.33% stake in _VWdiens [source? 8

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
2013_07 Byline banditry Sun staffer wanted byline on freelance work [UKPG]
2013_04 Leeching isn't 'fair use' US court [Freelance]
2013_01 Links in chains Irish newspapers in quoting row [Freelance]
2013_01 Twitter pictures in spotlight following helicopter crash [Guardian]
2012_11 Clean up our media lobby 29/11/12 & myth-busting [Freelance]
2012_04 Pirates & buggers allegedly [Freelance]
2011_10 Interns' revolt in USA [Freelance]
2011_10 Social media get canny guide to rights grabs [Freelance]
2011_08 Sky's limit small demo amid the ruckus [Freelance]
2011_08 Old Wapping stares NotW freelances, get in touch [Freelance]
2011_07 Legal surgery for News International workers [Freelance]
2011_07 End of the World public meeting on News of the W 14/07/11 [Freelance]
2011_05 Wapping 25 years on exhibition 01/05-31/05/11 [Freelance]
2011_05 Imminent NUJ demo over Sky sale 30/06/11 [Freelance]
2011_04 Sky's limit Hunt pressed to recant [Freelance]
2011_03 Illiquid Sky consultation closes 21/03/11 [Freelance]
2011_02 Who'll touch the Sky? update on Murdoch's purchase plan [Freelance]
2011_01 Sky's limit new petition: Jeremy Hunt not impartial... [Freelance]
2010_12 The Sky's limit [Freelance]
2010_08 Stop the Murdochs at Sky [Freelance]
2009_12 Murdoch turns to Gates for website help [Independent]
2009_10 Do you work at Sky? get in touch! [Freelance]
2009_03 Dig deeper, financial journos! Peter Wilby speaks [Freelance]
2009_02 Respond to rates reductions meeting 11/02/09 [Freelance]
2009_02 Do you remember the Wapping dispute? meeting 26/02/09 [Freelance]
2008_02 Alan's free: are the media? new! audio reports [Freelance]
2007_12 Quality meet 06/12/07 [Freelance]
2007_09 NI demands free re-use of images [Freelance]
2007_09 Wanna be a Doctor of low-cost news coverage? [Freelance]
2007_08 Watch for whopping Wapping lay-offs [Freelance]
2007_04 Fighting falling freelance fees [Freelance]
2006_10 Free paper, not free work! thelondonpaper [Freelance]
2006_08 TheirSpace not YourSpace [Freelance]
2006_08 Photographers: don't back down meeting report [Freelance]
2006_07 The Gong Sunday Times [Freelance]
2006_02 Posh paper people's place network meetup 20/04/06 [Freelance]
2005_10 NUJ condemns police raid to grab tapes after G8 "Carnival for full enjoyment" unmasked [NUJ]
2005_09 Back in the Sun [Freelance]
2005_02 What it's worth snap unhappy [Freelance]
2003_11 BBC caught in its Worldwide web CRA conference [Observer]
2003_07 Stop media monopoly anti-Murdoch ads []
2003_02 Independent reminders & Times [Freelance]
2003_02 Rupert in the line of fire picket Wapping 28/01/2003 [Freelance]
2002_09 Press fights rights grab and wins! [Freelance]
2001_12 LETTER Don't get caught in that 'net' [Freelance]
2001_12 Cheapskates [Freelance]
2001_11 Times gets with it a bit [Freelance]
2001_09 Freelance briefing paper response to Telegraph & other rights-grabs [NUJ HQ]
2000_12 Murdoch runs a gauntlet of hate opposes performers' rights [Freelance]
1998_07 ...& © @ the Sunday Times [Freelance]
1996_11 You have your cake, they eat it (Newer, subtle Times rights grab) [Freelance]

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