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The information on this page is almost certainly incomplete, but investigating Pearson is a research priority. You are very welcome to send additional information.

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What does Pearson do?

We're developing a full list of publications, radio and TV channels and websites directly run by Pearson. Follow the link below to see those we've documented so far.

* Pearson titles, channels, etc

Pearson website

What does Pearson have to say for itself? Visit its corporate website - the one with real information for money people, not the one for punters - linked below.

* Over-designed corporate website

Who owns Pearson?
What else does it have a stake in?

Below is information gathered up to 2014-08-19 on shareholdings in and by this media owner.

Known media shareholdings - click ? to email the informant
2003_05: _Pearson held a 100% stake in _DK [source? 2
2012_10: _Pearson held a 47% stake in _PRH [source? 3
2000_04: _Pearson held a significant stake in _RTL [source? 4

More on this owner
(from journalists' points of view)

These are selected pieces about this media owner. At present most come from the NUJ's London Freelance Branch newsletter the Freelance, because it already has an extensive online archive.

Year_mo Title Source
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2014_06 How I paid my mortgage by chasing copyright thieves report [Freelance]
2013_07 Ebook pricing in court [Freelance]
2013_02 'Educational use' Gangum style! [Freelance]
2012_06 E-book economics in court Justice wants in [Freelance]
2012_02 Flipper is a Penguin & DK freelance discussion list [Freelance]
2012_02 Strike alert Reuters, Trinity Mirror, Guardian, FT... [Freelance]
2012_01 Frozen Penguin huddle DK also needs answers [Freelance]
2011_11 Penguin & DK freelances meet virtually as well 16/11/11 [Freelance]
2010_08 FT promises syndication plays down archive [Freelance]
2010_01 Have you ever belonged to the FT? get in touch [Freelance]
2007_12 Quality meet 06/12/07 [Freelance]
2007_01 Rough Guides seeks talks [Freelance]
2006_07 Rough Guides freelances form chapel [Freelance]
2006_02 Posh paper people's place network meetup 20/04/06 [Freelance]
2003_07 Copy right cash coming but beware the catch! [Freelance]
2003_06 Travel writing its part in saving the world [Freelance]
2003_03 Rough at the top Guides chapel forms [Freelance]
2002_12 Do panic! Rough Guides chapel forming [Freelance]
2002_06 They're at it again twisted rights-grabs [Freelance]
2002_03 Financial Terms? FT hacks get in touch now [Freelance]
2002_01 Economist Intelligence, please get in touch if you work for EIU [Freelance]
2000_08 Authors' Rights for all rights-grabs & the Summit [Freelance]
2000_07 Sample response to copyright grabs just say "no" [Freelance]
2000_07 Briefing on new copyright grabs Mail, Standard, FT and Economist [Freelance]

Information on this owner is maintained by who will be pleased to receive information about Pearson but cannot guarantee to answer questions. Let us know if you have ownership information or can help support this research, or if you can correct the ownership of a title

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