Media ownership, by title

Who owns your local paper or your favourite magazine? What else does that company own, and who controls it? Look it up here.

The Optician is filed under Optician, Die Zeit is filed under Zeit, and the Evening Posts should be under Nottingham, Reading, South Wales (Swansea), etc.

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0 - a .net UK (mags)
Bexley KM Extra UK (regional)
- b - 96.4 BRMB UK (bcast) US (online)
- c - Ça m'intéresse FR (mags)
Cynon Valley Leader UK (regional)
- d - Dagblad de Limburger NL (regional)
Dziennik Wschodni PL (regional)
- e - Écoute DE (mags)
Eyestyle UK (mags)
- f - (Unison) Focus UK (mags)
Fylde Extra UK (regional)
- g - De Gelderlander NL (regional) / / .cn / .fr etc US (online)
- h - H-E-R-0 US (mags)
Hytteliv NO (mags)
i - j ibau DE (books)
JydskeVestkysten DK (regional)
k - l Kabel 1 DE (bcast)
Lytham St Annes + Fylde Express UK (regional)
- m - 102.7 Mercury Surrey and Sussex UK (bcast)
Your M+S / Marks + Spencer Magazine UK (mags)
- n - Nätverk + Kommunikation SE (mags)
NY1 News, New York, NY US (bcast)
- o - Østerbro Avis / København Ø DK (regional)
Oyen - AB - Echo CA (regional)
p - q Portfolio UK (mags)
Quo PT (mags)
- r - Réseaux + Télécoms FR (mags)
Rzeczpospolita PL (news)
- s - De Stem NL (regional)
szines kethetes (TV guide) HR (mags)
- t - TÚlÚ FR (mags)
Tyrone Times UK (regional)
u - v Új Néplap HR (regional)
Vysokyj Zamok / Lviv UA (regional)
- w - W US (mags)
Wyvern radio UK (bcast)
x - z XFade UK (mags)
Zurban FR (mags)
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